The picture could have been me almost 11 years ago when I had my daughter. One of the first of my friends to have a baby, and an only child with no real extended family, I had zero experience of babies. I have no idea if this would have helped as the cumulation of sleeplessness following a hideous delivery, intensive care and a 3-hour feeding programme would be enough to break anyone. I didn’t think that then – I just thought I was useless. Those were dark days.

Broken Fanny is just the tonic I would have mainlined in 2006. It’s a one-woman show following a first-time mother’s struggle through the early days. Tackling the unspoken feelings of despair and trapped isolation, social pressures of perfection and ‘expected happiness’ from well-meaning choruses that this should be ‘the best time of your life’.

Written and performed by  Emma Jerrold, and hosted by Happiness Coach, Olivia Horne, the evening promises plenty of laughs as well as a post-show talk on all the issues raised.

Proceeds for the show will go to PANDAS Foundation UK which offers support and advice to parents suffering from perinatal depression.

Thu 22 June 2017
The Pilot
56 Wellesley Road
W4 4BZ