Book Review Autumn 2017

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Look, there’s a ROCKET! by Esther Aarts (Nosy Crow) Look, there’s a ROCKET!
This new series of interactive board books by Esther Aarts will make a lovely addition to any bookshelf. Perfect for busy fingers, the follow-the-hole story takes you into outer space. There’s plenty to spot and the colourful illustrations are joyful and fun. Plus being a board book, it’s robust enough to be read whilst on the move.
Look, there’s a SUBMARINE! takes you deep under the ocean to explore all the sea life she can find.

Going to SchoolGoing to School by Rose Blakeby
When the daughter of Peter Blake illustrates a book, you know it’s going to be visually arresting. Detailing the school day of a young girl, it’s busy and buzzy as we see her have a maths lesson, do P.E., have a science lesson, play on computers, eat lunch and so much more. Children will relate to the many activities that happen and with the bright and cheery illustrations, there’s plenty of reason to read again and again.


CinnamonSticker Art by Neil Gaiman with illustrations by Craig and Karl (Frances Lincoln)
This stylish interactive sticker book will keep most fingers busy. Think paint by numbers only with stickers. Working in collaboration with Natural History Museum, graphic designers Craig Redman and Karl Maier have joined forces to create these bold books on topics including Jungle, Ocean, Woodland and Savannah. Each book has eight striking portraits to make with interesting facts to accompany them.

Mind Hug, The first storyMind Hug, The first story by Emily Arber and Vanessa Lovegrove (Circus House)
Why should mindfulness just be for adults? Mind Hug tells the story of Jack, who is overwhelmed by his thoughts, making his head feel ‘fizzy’. The more he tries to block the thoughts, the more they come, leaving him feeling frustrated and out of control. When his dad introduces a ‘game’ and helps to focus his mind through breathing, Jack calms himself down. With his new found power, he shares his techniques with friends. This is the first in a series to help children grow up with good mental health.


The Girl GuideThe Girl Guide by by Marawa Ibrahim and Sinen Erkas (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books)
Who wants to hear about puberty from their parents? Their teacher? How about learning about all those changes from an inspirational hula-hooping acrobat and possessor of a rather cool nine Guiness World Records? Now we’re talking. Meet Marawa Ibrahim, whose no messing and honest approach is a breath of fresh air. With everything covered from spots, hair, sweat, fitness – nothing is left unturned. And in this age of perfecting the flawless selfie Marawa shows just how having good self esteem is the most important thing of all. An all round essential read for girls AND their parents.

13 ½ Incredible Things You Need To Know About Everything 
13 ½ Incredible Things You Need To Know About Everything by DK
This is the perfect post-summer book, when your child’s brain has mainly been forgetting everything they learnt in the previous school term and is awash with watching YouTube videos on fidget spinners and learning the Spanish bit to Despacito. Time to re-engage with this super fact-filled book on just about everything. Topics range from classics like dinosaurs, stars and the Greeks to chocolate, bees and blood cells. The photographs are stunning and for every topic there are 13 pieces of information. You’ll even learn loads yourself so can impress your friends down at the pub quiz.

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