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MURO is the ultimate activity wall and educational toy.  It is  a multi-functional activity board that you customise with the toys of your choice.

When your MURO arrives all you have to do is find the perfect spot for it and you can start creating your space straight away.  The toys are all super easy to add and remove whenever you want; if you kid loves door handles and switches around the house, now you can give them their own.  If it’s noisy toys they like, we’ve got different rattles and bells to choose from (sorry about that!). Starting out with a range of different toys gives you the chance to see which ones your kid loves the most and give them more of what they enjoy.

Different toy options

Whatever your kid likes to play with, we have toys that they will love and if they start to get bored you can just change them around. Keeping MURO fresh and entertaining is easy, so far we’ve got over 30 toys, designed, tested and ready to go.  But this is just the beginning, our ambition is to have hundreds, even thousands, of unique add-ons to satisfy every child’s curiosity and help them on their way to key developmental milestones.

Unique design

Each toy has two of our unique plugs on the back, these are the key to MURO. The plugs have been carefully designed to allow you to connect any toy to any part of MURO with just the right amount of force.  Too tough for babies (up to 2 yrs) fingers to move around, MURO stays as you make it (and toys stay off the floor).  As their hands start to get stronger MURO becomes a platform for their creativity, and we have all sorts of options for open play as they get older.

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