Pet Therapy At Brentford School For Girls

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Brentford School for Girls provides new therapy thanks to a furry friend

Brentford School for Girls’ latest staff member comes from the canine world. With a lower salary than her human colleagues, Lillie the 3-year-old Cavachon is happy to be paid in treats and cuddles. Brentford School or Girls recognises the importance of positive mental health and the school has developed a mental health strategy. As part of this they are trialling Lillie to work with students who have a variety of needs.

Improving outcomes for kids

Pet Therapy has proven benefits and Brentford School for Girls is hoping Lillie can help with reducing anxiety, improving pupil motivation and developing social skills and confidence. Marais Leenders, the school’s Head Teacher, has been very impressed with her new member of staff. “Lillie has settled really well into Brentford life. She is very popular with the girls and is doing an excellent job. Students have commented on how friendly she is and how well she interacts with them.”

Helping with Autism

The school has an Autistic Spectrum Unit onsite and Lillie has been a hit here as well. Students have reported feeling comfort and joy from Lillie interacting with them. Lillie has also been working with the school Librarian Jane O’Sullivan to engage reluctant readers. Ms O’Sullivan has been bowled over by the engagement in reading when Lillie is working with this group.

Lillie currently attends Brentford every Monday and although she can’t speak for herself her owner reports she is certainly getting a very good night’s sleep on Monday evenings!

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