What could be more magical for any child than a personalised message from Santa’s Head Elf Twinkle? Thanks to Little Voice Notes she is on hand to let your little one know that their very own elf is going to be reporting into Santa. She will magically know exactly what’s on their Christmas list and will also be able to  tell them a few secrets about what is going on in Santa’s Grotto.

This wonderful company record the most adorable messages that are then delivered straight to your phone via WhatsApp with in 24 hours of ordering.

All you have to do is let them know some special little facts about your child. Siblings, pets and best friend’s names, what they want for Christmas and who they will be spending December 25th with. Or why not mention their favourite game or sport?

The joy of Little Voice Notes is that you can tailor this sweet little message to include the things that are truly special to them. Just pop your phone on speaker, press play and watch their faces light up. All for only £12. The most adorable pre-Christmas gift that brings magic to life.