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If decorating your children’s bedrooms is on your to-do list for 2020 then you simply have to check out Cuckooland, our new favourite one-stop-shop for all things interiors.
This super-cool web-based company’s raison d’être is to be ‘unique, unusual, quirky and original’, sourcing items from all over the world to give their customers something really different to what they will find on the high street. There are hundreds of stylish brands to choose from.
You’ll find all the furniture you could need for a kid’s bedroom or playroom – from bunks and desks to wardrobes and chests.
The range of accessories is equally extensive. If you need a rug, lamp or bedspread they have it covered, along with wallpaper and fabric too. Themed children’s bedrooms like Astronauts, Fairies, Firemen, Surfers, Princesses, Footballers are all featured with complete room sets for inspiration.

And the sky is the limit (if your budget is too) in the shape of some pretty outstanding designs. How about a bed in the form of a VW camper?

This amazing powder blue design is modelled on the iconic VW split screen camper van and is kitted out with a bed, a desk, a sofa, a mini fridge and a TV, plus there is plenty of storage. Now what youngster wouldn’t want to wake up in one of these?!

It will set you back a whopping £33,140, but thankfully there are other much cheaper novelty beds to choose from, including a London bus bunk bed and a tree house high sleeper.

The toy selection is great too so keep that in mind when you’re on the hunt for interesting presents. Whether you are kitting out a nursery or a teenager room, there is something to suit for all ages.

Cuckooland are also committed to working with suppliers who take an ethical approach during their manufacturing processes and, for example, one of their rug makers use a percentage of their profits to support schooling for children in India.

So, if you fancy creating dream rooms for your kids, or just need a few items for a quick and inexpensive update, then definitely have a look at the Cuckooland website. They are a pretty cool company.





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