Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Hands up who totally takes full advantage of Mother’s Day? Well as much as we can, with kids still attached to our legs. It’s a day, just one, so let’s make it truly all about us this year! And let’s start with a great selection of gifts  – because frankly we deserve them! Dads feel free to take notes. Move over kids… this is our day!

Trees, Bees and Marshmallows

What nicer way of pampering yourself than by using handmade, organic and sustainable bath and beauty products? And they smell divine too!

Mylo and Benny bag


Every mama needs a Mary Poppins bag. Whether it holds the shopping or the one hundred and fifty million items you need for a day out, it has to look good, but most importantly be practical and easy to use. Mylo and Benny have created just that. From wool to linen, the choice is yours.

Polarn o Pyret pyjamas


When you lust over your kids’ pyjamas, because they match, and they’re soft and they’re just so super cute… well now you can twin with them.

Navy Grey

The ultimate classic wardrobe item. Fabulous feel, amazing materials and everlasting style. When you’re a mum on the run, a simple yet stylish jumper can lift your outfit and your mood in an instance. And this is it!

With Nothing Underneath

Shirts are a mum’s best friend. Not only are they breastfeeding friendly but even post that, they make a pair of jeans look so much smarter! And with the flannel collection that has just launched, we cannot think of anything nicer than a soft and stylish addition to our wardrobes.

A Riot of Colour

Dominique is the only London florist you need to know about! Her arrangements are bursting with creativity and love. Mother’s Day captured in a bouquet! Isn’t that what us mamas are? Creative (think of the amount of play doh and kinetic sand creations you make!) and full of love (we couldn’t face each day without love, right?) And tonnes of it!

You Underwear

Y.O.U is a sustainable fashion brand with a range of amazing underwear for women (and men). For every pair of underwear they sell, they donate two to the charity Smalls for All. Smalls works in Africa and the UK to provide underwear to vulnerable women and girls. What is so nice about this brand is that they totally support body positivity and confidence, only using ‘real’ models and not airbrushing any images.


For the mama who just doesn’t get enough good snacks down her, a subscription to Nutmad is just the thing she needs. Soaked in water and then dehydrated, these activated nuts are crunchier, more nutritious and easier digestible than normal nuts.


Halla Ragi cut out portraits

There’s got to be something nostalgic about a true Mother’s Day gift and Halla’s cut out black portraits are just the thing. All you need to send her is a couple of portrait photos of your loved one and she does the rest. They are the ultimate keepsake. Email her for more details: [email protected]

Happy Pantry

Who doesn’t love a hamper filled with the most tantalising goodies, expertly pocked for your life desires? With so many hampers to choose from, every mama will be sorted for snacks, beauty and more!

Skin Sapiens

Made by a dad, for mums and kids: natural skincare with no nasties. An absolute winner for both looking pretty on our bathroom shelves and for our dry and wintery dry skin. Yes please!

And last but definitely not least a very special book


Chloe is 7 years old. She has written a wonderful storybook to raise money for her very good friend Alfie who was diagnosed with SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) at 18 months old. This superstar girl is selling her book via her mother’s Instagram page @kittydimbleby for a small donation of £3. Our hearts have melted, and we are in awe of her. We know this would be the perfect Mother’s Day present for any mother in the world.

Thanks to Erica Loi @thestarwhisperer for putting this selection together

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