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With the kids at home, we’re all longing for toys and entertainment which is fun and educational. Step up EdX Rainbow Pebbles and your chance to win!




Following the widespread closure of schools and nurseries, parents and caregivers have been thrown into the daunting world of homeschooling. The role of teacher, caregiver, school lunch provider, after school club and screen police officer is stressful! So, finding toys which tick the educational and play time boxes are a definite winner. We have a giveaway running with your chance to win a set of Rainbow Pebbles from Edx. But first….

Dr Cindy Hovington gives an insight into how they can assist in the home learning environment using EdX Education’s Rainbow Pebbles. Find our entry form to win at the bottom of the article. 

Early Development in Toddlers, Play or Miss Out

At birth, humans have the least developed brain compared to other mammals. While, genetics plays a major role in brain development during pregnancy, the interaction between genes and a childs environment will literally shape a childs brain after birth.

We all know that a childs environment should include building a secure home where the child is safe, well fed and plays a lot.

One type of play does more for development than others. Its play with open-ended toys. An open-ended toy is one with no specific purpose. Of course, there is no need for an abundance of toys to help our childrens brain develop.

A child will grow with an open-ended toy.

18 Months – Cognitive Development

1-step instructions: We can place an empty tissue box in front of the child and ask them to place a pebble inside the box having demonstrated it first. We can also sort by colour, together with the child, naming all the colours as we go.

2 Years Old – Social/Emotional development

Children start to play independently at this age. The Rainbow Pebbles come with activity cards that include ways to play with the pebbles developing the ability to remain focused for longer spells. We can present the pebbles in an inviting way by laying them out on a shelf that is at a convenient height. This way the child can independently start to play with them rather than asking.

We can see how children at this age respond to two step instructions. For example, we can place a pebble on a wooden spoon and race around your home, where the instruction could include, place the pebbles on your spoon and walk up the refrigerator”. The objective of the game is not to drop the pebble.


2 Years Old – Cognitive Development

At this age a child begins to sort shapes and colours: We can ask the child to sort the pebbles either by colour or by size. Or we can place a sheet of paper on the floor that matches the colours of the pebbles, where we have a yellow and a red paper, and ask the child to place all the yellow pebbles on top of the yellow paper.

3 Years Old – Cognitive development

Before turning three we can start to practice 2-3 step instructions. Simply we can add one more rule to the wooden spoon game above. And we can start playing pretend. Open-ended toys such as these pebbles can become anything with our imagination. You could play a bank manager a restaurant owner or a grocery store manager and pretend the pebbles are money, pancakes or various items from that bank, restaurant or store.

Edx Education have 30 years’ experience providing educational toys to schools in over 90 countries. Their range has been designed and developed in conjunction with educational experts to cover all areas of learning – from maths to arts & crafts, and from sensory play to activity play.


Taken from an article “Play and Milestones Development” in

To see the Edx Education range: 



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