Back to School with Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill 

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Back to school 2021: serene and joyful at Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill 

Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill is an independent school located on a leafy two-hectare campus in North London. It welcomes 850 students aged 3 to 18 where bilingual immersion begins from pre-reception until Y13. 

Bilingual immersion from 3 years old

Bilingual immersion begins at age 3 when young students are guided by two early childhood specialised teachers, permanently present in the classroom, each giving lessons in their mother tongue, French or English. This organic approach to bilingualism allows children to learn in small groups, through play and discovery, and experience in a stimulating while reassuring environment.

“We are convinced that each child constructs their learning in a unique way from their own environment and the interactions that result from it. It is through play scenarios that our children’s curiosity and engagement develops,” explains Laure Berr, Head of the Primary school.

Large open green spaces

Our beautiful campus offers various outdoor spaces for children to explore. Outdoor activities in all seasons nurture creativity and respect for nature. We have designed gardening activities where the children are able to plant their vegetables, harvest them and eat them in the canteen. Children are learning about the importance of protecting bees by sowing honey flowers and adding water points in our gardens. Nursery students also take advantage of the leafy areas of the campus and surrounding nature, climbing, jumping, exploring, discovering and learning whilst having fun!  

16 children per class maximum

With a maximum of 16 children per class in pre-reception and reception, every child is a valued contributor, both to their own learning and their surroundings. Each child’s inquisitive mind is developed through play scenarios (Brain Architecture, Harvard University Center on the Developing Child, 2008), and differentiated learning opportunities, pursuant to the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. Students grow up in a caring international community where they are taught the fundamental values ​​of respect and a genuine desire to be open to the world and other cultures.

“Children have the opportunity to talk about their country of origin with photos, music, visits from parents who may come to share a traditional dish,” comments Laure enthusiastically. “Beyond the cultures present in the classroom, it is inclusion that we learn and verbalise in the classroom so that each child feels valued, appreciated and fully integrated.”

Student-centered approach

In primary, instruction is in English 50% of the time from Year 1 to Year 6. Each class year meets daily with one French-speaking and one English-speaking teacher, with speciality teachers in subjects such as PE, language, and music.

The Lycée Churchill offers a perfect balance between academic rigour and innovation, and places the needs of each student at the heart of its philosophy. Each teacher uses proven but also innovative teaching methods designed to develop their critical thinking, collaboration, and risk-taking.

100% success in exams and 100% of students admitted to the most competitive universities in the world

In Secondary, families can choose a French curriculum certified by France’s education ministry, which leads to the baccalauréat diploma, or an English-language track feeding into the globally recognised International Baccalaureate (IB diploma). 

The only constant is that education remains bilingual until the age of 18, in the benevolent atmosphere that is unique to Lycée Churchill.

The school’s highly successful graduates are welcomed at leading universities in the UK, Canada, US, France, and elsewhere in Europe. Our experience with online education also lets us offer a range of short- and long-term remote learning opportunities.

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