Press Play Books by Zivrap Education

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The new interactive books for children to inspire their reading, writing and imagination.

City Kids discovers how the Press Play Books by Zivrap Education can transform a student’s attitude to learning.

On a rather morose and grizzly day in winter, a new student attended the Zivrap Studio for the first
time with his arms crossed. A large and pronounced sulk adorned his face. He hated reading, he
informed us, and despised writing just as much! His poor parents were tearing their hair out. “we
don’t know what do to!” they said.

The team at Zivrap Education were undeterred by this outburst and simply decided that they wanted
to create something that would turn his frown upside down. So they wracked the recesses of their
brains to try to create something that would help him embrace reading and fall in love with the
English language. They “Ummed” and “Ahhed” and put their creative brains to the test. And finally
they had an enormous a brainwave – a pure Eureka moment!

What if they created their own story? One that was fun and entertaining but that was specifically
designed to help this student read, write, learn to spell and develop his vocabulary without him even
knowing that he was working. What if they could create a programme around the story that was so
immersive, so interactive and so inspiring that it would help him learn whilst he had a lot of fun at
the same time?

Thus Press Play Books was born. Rather quickly, this student began to take charge of his own
learning – pressing play to open up an audio-visual world that challenged his imagination, developed
his vocabulary, and helped him, not only read, but speak clearly. He also began to analyse language
and literature much more critically.

The sulk rapidly disappeared from his face. It was replaced with eyes as wide as saucers and
eventually a humongous and radiant grin. He began to jump up and down with excitement at the
prospect of writing a story and became even more excited by the idea of reading. His vocabulary
developed in leaps and bounds and his articulation and diction developed in conjunction too. Most
crucially, he never complained about reading or writing ever again!

The happy team at Zivrap Education recognised that there were more students who needed the
same inspiration and help. So, they decided to make Press Play Books available to all of the students
at their studio. Each and every student adored it. They became friends with the characters, found
themselves engrossed in the challenges and they asked for more and more!

Now that it has been tried, tested and perfected, Press Play Books by Zivrap Education is widely
available to any child who wants to develop their skills in reading, writing and speaking. It truly
unlocks potential turning each student into Creative Writing, Comprehension and Speaking Ninjas!
From Books, Short Stories and Tutorials students listen, read, write and challenge themselves to
conquer and unleash their Creative Writing, Comprehension and Elocution genius. And they can do
all of this from the comfort of their own home.

We can’t wait to see more excited students jump up and down with excitement as they Press Play
and fall in love with the words, characters, challenges and conundrums waiting to be discovered
within the audio-visual pages of Press Play Books by Zivrap Education ®.

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