Considering a Bilingual Education?

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CFBL – Collège Français Bilingue de Londres – is a French-English bilingual and multicultural school in London with 700 pupils.

CFBL’s mission is to provide students with the best of French and British educational cultures, while preparing them for life in the modern world through a bilingual, international, and multicultural education. For anyone considering a bilingual education, CFBL should be on the list.

The Best of French and British Education

bilingual education

From Reception to Year 6, each class has two qualified teachers, one a native English speaker and one a native French speaker, and lessons are divided between them. In addition, computing, music and sports are taught by specialised teachers and the same opportunities are on offer as in British and French schools: 

  • All subjects and programs are defined by the French Department for Education and studied in both languages through a balanced teaching timetable managed by pairs of native French and English-speaking teachers,
  • The canteen serves delicious, balanced and healthy meals,
  • School Houses – just like those at Hogwarts!,
  • The chance to take part in the DofE Award,
  • Pupils participate in numerous diverse school projects including: “Silence on lit!” reading project, Radio Récré – CFBL’s bilingual webradio, Miracle Mornings – extra sport sessions to help benefit children’s physical, mental and emotional well-being, musical performances, and climate and sustainability awareness projects.

You’re never too young to be bilingual

Being bilingual improves multitasking skills, attention control, problem solving and creativity through promoting outside-the-box thinking and extended language ability. 

Pupils benefit not only from the bilingual environment but also the multicultural and plurilingual environment of the school which enables them to thrive: 35 nationalities are present at CFBL alongside French and English families. Pastoral care is of primary importance in the CFBL and students’ well-being, personal development and ability to work together are paramount to the school ethos. All pupils are encouraged to behave and thrive in a warm and friendly atmosphere where they are close to the entire teaching staff and are in constant dialogue with them.

Happy Birthday to Collège Français Bilingue de Londres

CFBL is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and as such numerous events and projects are planned for both children and staff and the parent community to participate in.   

The popularity of the school and the benefits of a bilingual education have seen demand for places skyrocket: “We are becoming increasingly popular as an education option for the British community so much so we still have a waiting list for the 2021-2022 academic year. Enrolment for the 2022-2023 academic year has opened on the 1st of October 2021,” confirmed Head of Admissions, Aurore Bouvet.

To find out more about CFBL, register for their Open Days or contact Aurore Bouvet by email ([email protected]) or by phone (020 7993 7409).


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