Tom Gates in new TV series

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Liz Pichon’s adored character comes to life in a new Sky Kids Original Series

He’s a doodler extraordinaire, a master of making up excuses and is adored by young readers around the world. Now, Tom Gates stars in a new TV series and his brilliant world is being brought vividly to life on Sky’s on demand service Sky Kids from Monday 24th January.

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates is based on the award-winning, multi-million-copy-bestselling Tom Gates books written and illustrated by Liz Pichon and published by Scholastic.

It follows Tom’s crazy, creative life at home and at school as he torments his teachers, runs rings around his parents and finds ever new and creative ways to annoy his sister! Multi-award-winning actress and comedian Catherine Tate (Doctor Who, The Catherine Tate Show, Billionaire Boy), prolific TV actor Mark Bonnar (Line of Duty, Unforgotten, Guilt) and newcomer 10-year-old Logan Matthews bring the stories to life. The series also showcases the creative talents of the books’ creator Liz Pichon who is set to inspire young viewers to greater creative endeavours in the ‘draw it’ segments of the show.

In the very first episode A Singing Cat meows all night long, keeping Tom awake. The next day, he falls asleep in Mr Fullerman’s already boring class. But – while Tom is asleep – he drools. Marcus is quick to point it out to the whole class and Tom is massively embarrassed. HE DROOLED IN FRONT OF AMY! Tom shares his current top 5 embarrassing moments. Tom then shows us how to make our own singing cat out of clay. After school, Tom goes back home, and back in his bedroom, he hears the pesky Singing Cat again, but thankfully this time, Derek’s dog Rooster chases it around the garden and away. Well done Rooster!

Liz Pichon shows us how to draw Rooster, Derek’s dog, and the Singing Cat. The drawings come to life and we see the Singing Cat being chased away by Rooster! The Singing Cat sings a song about itself to a music video. Tom starts to get ready for bed, hopeful for a quiet night. The Singing Cat has moved on… to the tree in Derek’s garden next door!

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