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We Try Rental Subscription Service Bundlee

Every baby is different, but one thing they all have in common is that they grow fast! Studies show that they outgrow seven clothing sizes in just two years, meaning that you race through outfits and essentials, and that’s before you’ve dealt with explosive nappies and weaning. All this isn’t great for the planet, and as we all become more eco-conscious you will have noticed the uptick in subscription services to help us all live more sustainably. That’s where baby clothing rental subscription service Bundlee comes in.

Having seen her own parents getting through clothing fast and putting together clothing bundles for friends, family and charity, Eve Kekeh, spotted a gap in the market. Bundlee is a clothing rental subscription service which delivers a curated selection of items perfect to wear now. Once outgrown or ready for the new season, send the items back and choose again.

City Kids Review

Youngest member of the City Kids team, Albie, gave Bundlee a test drive and mummy, Charlotte, has provided the review!

Albie and his Bundlee goodies

“With two daughters very close in age I have always known their clothes would be well used and passed down between them before being handed on to friends.  Six years later I have had a boy.  As much as I would love to buy him some cute new outfits, it seems so wasteful from both a cost and an environmental perspective, as I am certainly not having any more. So I was very excited to be asked to try out Bundlee – a rental site with a gorgeous edit of stylish baby clothes from sustainable brands.

I went for the slightly more premium personalised subscription at £39 per month. This allows you to choose 15 items from brands such as Little Riley Studio, The Bonnie Mob, Mori and Mini Rodini. There is a great selection of clothes, PJ’s and accessories suitable for the season and perfect for nursery, playdates, park fun and playgroups. At the moment there aren’t any more formal choices for special occasions but I am sure that will come as Bundlee grows. 

Clothing arrives in sustainable cloth bag

The clothes I ordered all arrived very quickly in a sustainable cloth bag that can also be used to return the clothes.  They seemed in great condition with none of the stains you might associate with a 1 year old. I was initially concerned that my rather messy weaning baby might damage the clothes but rental insurance is included in the price to cover any accidents.

I learnt from Bundlee that children outgrow seven clothing sizes in the first two years of their life, which is why it is so brilliant that when your little one has had a growth spurt you can just send back the clothes and swap them for the next size up with free returns and no time limits. Bundlee also clean the clothes before they are sent to the next family.

As people become more mindful of the environmental impact of the fashion industry, sites like Bundlee are certainly the way forward and I hope will become the norm before too long. Bundlee made the whole process so easy so I am sure once people try it there will be no going back.”

A capsule subscription starts at £24 per month with the personalised subsctription which Charlotte chose at £39 per month.

Use the code CITYKIDSFREE to get your first month free.


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