Get Dirty With This Pizza Fries Recipe

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Calorie counters and low fat followers look away now as Mark Studley a.k.a. Dirty Food Guy shares his Pizza Fries recipe

If you’re planning to indulge or get together with friends this weekend, Dirty is a book about messy food you can have fun with. Filled with shamelessly dirty recipes, most of which you can make in under 30 minutes, this book is perfect for hosting parties, making super easy comfort food at home with the kids, or the day after the night before when you’ve had a few too many drinks.

It’s not for the faint-hearted. Throughout Dirty, you’ll find author Mark Studley’s take on well known including Spag Bol Cupcakes, Doner Kebab Burger, Chilli Dog Grilled Cheese, Lasagne Pie and of course Pizza Fries. If you’re a fast food novice or more than confident with carbs, you’ll find the emphasis here is on making the dishes your own by adding personal twists and choosing whether to buy pre-prepared food, such as jarred sauces, or make your own from scratch. Those with a passion for meaty dishes who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen will absolutely revel in this down-to-earth insight into the world of dirty food, with pretty much everything sourced from your local supermarkets. With a bit of guidance and a few tricks of the trade, Mark demonstrates that food can and should be fun to make and eat.

Mark Studley (AKA Dirty Food Guy) has won awards for his culinary creations in the past: dirty food is what he does best. He fell into cooking five years ago when his friends convinced him to start selling his dirty dishes online, and the rest is history. Mark has multiple awards under his belt from his previous restaurants too and is now a dirty food consultant (who knew?!), and a private chef, where he regularly knocks up his dirty take on dishes for people from all walks of life, including the well known and famous who all want something a bit different to the fine dining usually offered.

Dirty is £16 and available to purchase at

Pizza Fries Recipe

Serves 2


2 portions of fries

Salt n pepper to taste

Pizza sauce (optional, see page 36)

2 good handfuls of grated mozzarella

12 pepperoni slices

3 tbsp grated hard cheese (like parmesan)

Pinch of dried oregano 


Get the oven or grill warming up and when it’s hot, start cooking the fries. When the fries are ready, toss with salt n pepper in a bowl to make sure they’re fully seasoned. If you’re sharing, you can put the fries into one big serving dish or divide them between bowls if not (use something ovenproof).

The Build: 

If using, reheat your pizza sauce and then spoon it over the fries, followed by the mozzarella, pepperoni, hard cheese and oregano. Put them in the oven or under a grill to let the cheese melt. Take out and get scoffing.

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