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THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED to win an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot Kids and enter the world of Bing Time

By entering our competition to win an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot Kids, you’re in with the chance of exploring one of the latest Alexa Skills from the award-winning CBeebies series Bing.  

‘Bing Time’, is bursting with fun and unique Bing content, including exclusive audio stories, play-along games, plus a selection of favourite music and songs. Offering exceptional value, this audio companion provides buckets of entertainment for pre-schoolers to encourage active play and learning as well as soothing content to help with the pre-bedtime wind-down. 

Especially crafted for young users by Bing producers Acamar Films – alongside child development experts – the Skill is designed to fit with the rhythm of a Bingster’s day and is easy to navigate even for pre-school voices. ‘Bing Time’ is a fantastic Alexa Skill for kids and a helpful tool for parents, all available at the simple request “Alexa, open ‘Bing Time’.” 

The Echo Dot Kids has plenty of other audio content from sources such as National Geographic, The Gruffalo, Harry Potter’s Wizarding World Book Quiz and you can do things like send a hug or get recipe ideas. It will also provide suggestions if a child says they’re bored.

Parental controls are available on the Parent Dashboard where you can monitor what your child has been asking Alexa, the skills they’ve been accessing and the amount of time spent on each.

We are giving away the Panda.

All Terms and Conditions are available when you tap on ‘enter here’.

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