Organising your own Jubilee Street Party

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Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee is truly a once in a lifetime event, so celebrate in style with your own street party.

This year marks 70 years of the Queen’s reign, with Sunday 5th June being the big day for all the jubilee festivities (and an extra special bank holiday too). Such occasions deserve to be marked properly, and there’s nothing quite as fitting, or as British, as a classic street party. But where to start? We’ll make sure that you have the know-how to pull out all the stops for the event of the summer.

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Rules & Regulations

First things first, make sure your neighbours are all on board with the idea and happy to help! The last thing you need is to have opposition along the way, and it’s most definitely not a task to undertake on your own. Spreading the load will make the event a whole lot easier, and it’s all about a communal effort. With the street ready to go ahead, it’s time to move onto planning properly.

Anyone can apply to hold a street party by filling out the government application form. You may need to speak to your local council to check if there’s still time. Consider whether the closure of the street affects any bus routes, as you’ll have to notify the appropriate parties. No risk assessment or licenses are required for a street party, so long as you stick to a few rules:

  • If serving alcohol, ensure it’s for free.
  • Food can be sold or served without a license, but only until 11pm.
  • Provided it is not the main purpose of the event, amplified music is permitted
  • If hosting a raffle or tombola, make sure to only sell tickets on the day, with the total value of prizes not exceeding £500.

If any of these contradict your own street party plans, you’ll have to apply for a Temporary Events Notice.

Party Planning

Now you can get on with the fun stuff like food, drink, and decorations. Who’s bringing the cake? Don’t forget the bunting either. Try keeping the range of food on offer as wide as possible, accommodating any dietary requirements, or simply personal preference. Here it may be best to ask each attending party to bring a plate or beverages of their own to share with everyone attending. For some ideas, check out some of our recipes.

Keep in mind the environmental impact of the event by trying to reduce the amount of waste produced by as much as possible. Rather than disposable paper plates, ask around to see if people are willing to share their plates, or visit local charity shops in order to reuse some old china. Mismatched plates and cutlery are all part of the charm. If anyone has already got a set of bunting all the better, but otherwise feel free to band together and put your arts and crafts skills to the test by making your own.

Hosting a street party can definitely seem daunting at first, let alone one held to mark a platinum jubilee, but if it all gets too much, or the red tape seems to prove too tricky to cut through, consider scaling back a little and hosting a Street Meet instead. While smaller, the street won’t need to be closed; you’ll just need to ensure you have an appropriate space. Whatever the scale, don’t forget to add your event to the Jubilee events map.

After all the planning comes to fruition, make sure to enjoy the fruits of your labour with the neighbourhood! Seventy years on the throne is an unprecedented event, so celebrate and raise a slice of cake to Her Majesty. Here’s to the next Jubilee!

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