15-Year-Old creates Save Our Species Game with WWF

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15-Year-Old Jackson Mann Creates SOS: Save Our Species Family Card Game in Collaboration with WWF

While most teenagers are begging their parents to buy them the latest game, one 15-year-old has enlisted his to help build his own in a bid to raise money for WWF. Jackson Mann from Hampshire has created his very own card game – Save Our Species – after raising an impressive £11,000 through an online Kickstarter Campaign. 

The school boy came up with the idea for SOS ‘Save Our Species’ during a family holiday in 2018 and has brought it to life with the help of his parents and his younger brother. 

Created in collaboration with WWF and available for sale on its website, the game – a modern spin on Go Fish (where you aim to match cards of the same suit together to make a set) – is priced at £19 with all of the profits donated to conservation charities. 

As well as raising money, the game also helps its young players learn about species on the brink of extinction and what it means when their homes are destroyed. 

It has been a family affair with Jackson’s mother Emma helping with the creative side of the process and his father Gavin working with him on the manufacturing and distribution. His brother Ellis, 11, was appointed Chief Games Tester. 

Jackson said: “I began thinking how much I’d liked Match Attax and Pokemon cards when I was younger and the money and time I spent on them. 

“That’s when it hit me – why not invent a game? A fun game where people learn what it means for different species when they lose their homes, whilst raising money for conservation charities. 

He added: “Together with my younger brother Ellis, my mum Emma and dad Gavin, and with some awesome help from the scientists at the WWF, we made my dream become a reality.” 

Paul De Ornellas, Chief Wildlife Adviser at WWF, one of the game’s expert advisers, said: “Our 2020 Living Planet Report found that wildlife population sizes have dropped by an average of 68% over the last 50 years and we risk losing many of our precious species forever. This game helps highlight the threats facing some of those endangered species and their habitats in a way that is engaging and fun for children and families.” 

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