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The City Kids round-up of the best family games and puzzles to play this Christmas

Traditionally at Christmas we all get together with family but after the cooking and clearing up there’s time to fill with games. Monopoly has always been a favourite in our house, but it goes on for DAYS! Then there’s those that like Risk or even more complex games like Diplomacy. We’ve scoured the shops and web to find a selection of family games for all ages which we hope will bring smiles and laughter rather than fall-outs.

Snowman Snap £5.50

A classic snap game with a festive twist! Small in size, big in fun and perfect as a stocking filler. Great for ages 3-6 and for 2-4 players.

Chicken vs Hotdog £24.99

Okay, it’s time to settle this once and for all — who is top dog (or chicken)? Get ready to find out. Split into teams, or go one-on-one, then get ready to bid and flip your way to sweet-tastin’ victory. Turn over a Challenge Card, then secretly bid high if you think you can nail it, or bid low to avoid it. If both bids match, then it’s Flipperama time! Age 8+, 2+ players

Shoot for the Stars £19.99

How many beans are there in a tin of beans? Shoot for the Stars is a party game where all the answers are numbers. You don’t need to know the exact answer to win points – you just need to get close without going over. If someone shouts out an answer that’s bigger than yours, you need to decide whether to shoot even higher or abandon ship. Make the right call and you’ll blast off with the points. Get it wrong and you’ll go up in smoke. Age 10+, 2-8 players.

Connecting London £15

Bunch of Butts £14.99

Find matching butts, shout them out and collect the cards, but watch out for the ‘Silent Butt Deadly’ card! After you collect cards, flip them over so their letters ‘BUN’  ‘CH’ ‘OF’ ‘BU’  ‘TS’ are showing. The first person to collect one of each card to spell ‘Bunch of Butts’ and shout it out, is the winner! Ages 7+, 2-8 players.

Clipology Streaming Board Game £15

Clipology features real clips from the world’s best movies and TV shows and combines it with traditional board play! Players can access the game from multiple devices, including TVs, tablets, and phones. 13+, 2 or more players.

Fire in the Hole £29.99

Part card game and part dexterity game, Fire in The Hole’s gameplay centers around a large pop up ship that gets bombarded by felt cannonballs throughout the game. It’s simple enough to entertain kids 7+ and silly enough for grown-ups, but has the sneaky twists and turns for even the most strategy-loving gamers. Ages 7+, 2-4 players.

Ted Lasso Party Game £15

Life at AFC Richmond isn’t always simple, but Ted Lasso knows how to rally his team. Now you can join the coaches and show that you believe in Believe. If you get stuck, just break out the biscuits! This feel-good party game is all about having fun, the Lasso way. Age 10+

ET Light Years From £24.99

Inspired by the beloved film from Universal and Amblin Entertainment, this cooperative board game drops the players right into the iconic BMX chase scene from the movie, as they race around the neighbourhood using ramps and shortcuts to avoid the federal agents bent on trying to capture the little alien. Ages 10+

It’s Bananas! £24.99

It’s Bananas! is the top-selling party game that gets your friends and family roaring with laughter from your first squat to your last hook of a hoop. Split into two teams, strap on your tail, warm up those thighs, spin the spinner and get ready to compete in a series of silly monkey challenges! Whoever collects three banana tokens first wins! Ages 6+. 2+ players.

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition £25

Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition is a whole new game written from scratch for kids and adults to play together. Comes with 600 all-new cards about toilets, butt spaghetti, and Mom’s friend Donna. Ages 8+.

Connecting London Game £15

Connecting London is a strategic, tile-laying game, where players build the iconic Zone 1 London Underground Map, scoring by connecting famous mainline stations and London landmarks. The first player to make 5 connections and complete their Underground sign wins. Ages 8+, 2-6 players.

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