Christmas Wreaths

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Decorate your door in style with our selection of Christmas wreaths

Decorating our homes with mistletoe, Christmas wreaths and lights is something we all do without question. Christmas trees, whether real or artificial are a given, but walk down most streets in the UK and you’ll find many doors hung with wreaths. It’s a deep-rooted tradition said by some to represent eternal life or faith. Wreaths were used in Ancient Rome as rewards for success and excellence and by the Greeks to crown winners of the Olympic Games. Advent wreaths are thought to date from the Lutherans in German in the 16th Century, but became a tradition after a Lutheran clergyman lit a candle in a wreath every Sunday in December and told the nativity story.

Traditional or not, our selection of wreaths would look good on any door, internal or external this Christmas.

Habitat Foliage and Baubles Wreath £25

John Lewis Candy Cane Bauble Wreath £25

Your London Florist Wreath £90

Very Frost Pre-lit Wreath £22.99

National Trust Rattan Wreath £30

Next Pampas Half Wreath £26

Pinecones and Poinsettia Wreath £39.99

Peacock Feather Wreath £69.95

Main image: Soho Home Babington Wreath

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