LAUNCH at Cranleigh Prep

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LAUNCH, Learning and Understanding New Challenging Horizons, is a new initiative at Cranleigh Prep School.

We believe that education doesn’t just happen in the classroom. Education is not just about being able to remember what the Independent Variable is or having the ability to memorise French verbs. It happens all around us – mending a tyre, solving a sudoku, relaxing the mind with meditation or working as a team to solve quiz questions. It happens by being interested, doing different things and, more often than not, this happens outside the classroom. LAUNCH at Cranleigh Prep was designed as an inclusive additional learning opportunity to develop knowledge and skills beyond the curriculum. 

Over the Michaelmas (Autumn) term we have hosted two sessions a week with everything ranging from confidence building sessions to juggling in the playground.  Over 40 children attend each week, there is an enthusiastic loyal following and with more children joining we can confidently say LAUNCH is a success.

There has been a wide range of activities on offer. Over the Michaelmas (Autumn) term, the children in the Lower School (Years 3-5) have been introduced to Italian by a member of the languages team and a Year 8 bilingual prefect, yoga by our Head of Music, tower building and play dough circuits by members of the Science department. The children even learned how to flower arrange in time to decorate our school chapel for the Christmas season.

The Upper School children (Years 6-8) have learnt how to change and repair a tyre led by our Head of Design Technology, increased their confidence skills and have a better understanding on the levels of threat before a war starts from the Headmaster. In addition to this they have developed killer Sudoku methods from the Head of Maths and enjoyed a master class in juggling from our three expert juggling teachers.  

The most exciting part of this project though is that the pupils and teachers are already discussing the different activities to be offered in the coming terms. Anthropology, Rubik’s cubing, etymology, coding banana pianos, conducting a choir and caring for hedgehogs are just a few of the activities planned for the coming months.  

At Cranleigh Prep we hope to provide many opportunities to foster a love of learning. LAUNCH is just one of many initiatives that helps achieve this goal.  

Tamsin Groocock

LAUNCH Co-ordinator

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