The Green Awards 2023 FAQs

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Inevitably if you’re considering entering The Green Awards 2023 you will have questions, so we’ve tried to get ahead with answers to your likely FAQs

I’ve entered the awards, now what?

When an entry is received and payment is complete, it will be moved to our shortlist before being put forward to the judging panel. We will keep you informed in accordance with the key dates above.

What do I win?

Winners are awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze and will be considered for the Editor’s Choice award. See ‘Why should I enter?’ for more details.

How do I know that you have received my entry?

Once the form is complete and the payment has been made you should receive an email confirmation. If you don’t receive confirmation, please only contact us once you’ve checked junk folders as this will be an exceptionally busy time for the team. (Thank you).

Why don’t you want us to send product?

We do not require product samples as we are aiming to keep the carbon footprint of The Green Awards as small as possible. This means we do need you to tell us as much as possible about your entry within the 500 words and video. Furthermore, not all entries are product-based so we aim to be as fair as possible to all. 

What advice can you give for my entry?

Above all, consider the categories you have entered and tell us why your product is relevant and why it’s the best. 

  • Imagine the judges know nothing about you or your products so ensure that your entry is clear about who you are, what you do and why you should win. Do not fear, this is not a creative writing competition, but we may use snippets for editorial! 
  • Include your website address.
  • Make sure images are good whether lifestyle or cut-out, we will be using these as part of our shortlisting criteria. And please label each image with your brand name, product and category so there is no confusion. 
  • Also consider sending us a video to show us your product or give us a flavour of your school or nursery or website, even if the thought of being on camera is terrifying. We will not be judging your presentational style, rather the story of your brand and the changes you have made or are making to provide a more sustainable future. 

Why does it take so long from entry deadline to winners’ announcement?

As you can imagine we will have a lot of entries to consider, and this takes time. We will also be creating editorial content and promotional content to promote the awards and your entries to our readership and followers.

What are the costs again?

An entry costs £175 (inclusive of VAT) and includes all award assets and work by the City Kids team. Three or more entries from the same brand will receive a 10% discount. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN COSTS OR LICENCING FEES WITH OUR AWARDS. If you would like to enter but you are worried about costs, please get in touch with [email protected].

Why Should I Enter?

  • Increased brand awareness and exposure to influencers, buyers, industry experts and journalists as well as the City Kids and judges’ audiences.
  • Free digital awards logos for unrestricted use across marketing, packaging and social media channels.
  • All entrants will receive a 20% discount on future advertising packages booked with City Kids in 2023 (this can include six or 12 month packages which run into 2024). For more information email [email protected].
  • A guaranteed a link in The City Kids Green Awards Supplement.
  • Potential to be put forward for the Editor’s Choice Award.
  • No hidden costs.

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