Books To Celebrate The Lunar New Year

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The Year of the Rabbit is upon us so we’ve found some books celebrating the Lunar New Year and some of the cultural traditions involved.

Lunar New Year, Chinese Chunjie, Vietnamese Tet, Korean Solnal, Tibetan Losar, also called Spring Festival or Chinese New Year is a festival celebrated in China and other Asian countries with the arrival of the first new moon of the lunar calendar. Chinese New Year will mark 2023 with the rabbit which signifies contemplation and relaxation, very different from the outgoing tiger. The rabbit is also often a central character in Chinese storytelling and people born in the year of the rabbit are often said to be kind, sensitive and gracious. Good luck is often mentioned too. Celebrations will last from Sunday 22 January until February 1. Browse our books looking at the Lunar New Year and some other East Asian customs at this special time of year.

Lunar New Year Around the World: Celebrate the most colourful time of the year

By Amanda Li and Angel Chang

The Year of the Rabbit – Tales from the Chinese Zodiac

By Oliver Chin (author) and Justin Roth (illustrator)


Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao

By Kat Jhang and Charlene Chua 


Maisy’s Chinese New Year

By Lucy Cousins


Mei’s Sweet Chinese New Year: Children’s Story of Family, Tradition, and Gratitude

by Last Tex 


Happy Chinese New Year! A Festive Counting Story

By Jannie Ho


Yǔxī, Yìchén and Chinese New Year: Introductory book about Lunar New Year for toddlers and kids

by Emma Li 


Chinese New Year Coloring book (Year of the Rabbit): The Chinese New Year Zodiac Coloring Book: The Year of the Rabbit|Celebrating the Lunar New Year Coloring Book


Chinese New Year Colors

By Rich Lo 


My First Chinese New Year ABC Picture Book


Ruby’s Chinese New Year

By Vickie Lee & Joey Chou


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