The Green Issue 2023

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The Green Issue is one of our favourite issues to work on. As always, it is dedicated to sustainability, going green, being eco-conscious and making ethical choices. There’s lots of noise surrounding this huge issue, so we’ve attempted to quell the overwhelm you may feel by filling our pages with brands committed to improving the planet for future generations. From the companies we rely on to feed our families, to schools using electric buses to ferry pupils from A to B, we’ve found green plenty of green choices for you. On this, the range of eco-friendly period products now available is remarkable. If you’re keen to cut waste, taking your contribution away from the 200,000 tonnes of menstrual waste products disposed of each year is a great place to start. See The Knowledge on p52.

In education, we take a look at international schools and why they could work for your family on p29 and we speak to Rosey Davidson, a.k.a. Just Chill Baby Sleep about her latest book. Our Spring issue always takes in things to do at Easter, and you could do a lot worse than to try Jo Pratt’s chocolate treats. Bon appétit!

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