Book Review: Can We Really Help the Dolphins?

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can we help dolphins

Yes we can! Take a peek at the latest climate change book for youngesters: Can We Really Help the Dolphins?

Can We Really Help the Dolphins? from Usborne tackles climate change and looking after the planet in a book recommended for reception and above. With sweet illustrations and great factual content it’s a super introduction to recycling, sustainability and environmental issues.

From explaining how plastic is dumped on beaches, to how to the damage done, the narrative by Katie Daynes and illustrations by Roisin Hahessy explain the impact of plastic on the planet.

The children discover that the sea creatures are having a rough ride at the moment, navigating plastic litter, chemical spills, warming oceans and fishing super trawlers. They share their predicament with the sparky, beach-loving kids – and together they make an exciting plan to save the world’s seas and oceans.

Along the way, children will learn not only about being more eco-conscious, but also about the wonder of the ocean and what lives beneath the surface of the water.

As you may expect for a story for younger children, Can We Really Help the Dolphins? has a positive message, outlining all the good that is being done, but also how they can make a difference.

At the back of the book is a useful glossary explaining terms such as climate change, microplastics, overfishing and pollution.

For 48 pages of a lovely story, some education and useful advice this is a great book for KS1.

Available now from Usborne.

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