Considering An International Primary School?

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Head of TASIS Lower School, Meloni Jordan, tells us why an international primary school could be just what your children need.

Many parents wonder what they might do to give their child a competitive advantage in the future. While the UK might enjoy a well-defined and consistent education system, many families look to the independent sector for more dynamic alternatives. How can you help your child to stand out from the rest? Consider the benefits of an international primary school education!

Young children need strong connections with encouraging teachers to feel engaged and happy at school. TASIS The American School in England’s small classes give each student an individualised experience and more quality time with highly qualified teachers. With daily feedback and just the right level of challenge and support, there are no limits to your child’s learning. 

In the diverse environment of their classrooms, TASIS England’s young learners naturally acquire a rich and more global perspective as they explore, share, and celebrate different cultures and views. As students learn to approach new ideas and situations with confidence, they develop strong communication and interpersonal skills, adaptability, and flexibility. These attributes are the keys to future success in our increasingly interconnected world.

This environment also sets the stage for young children to understand and practice compassion towards others and to build positive relationships. By valuing connections and focusing on empathy, TASIS England develops principled individuals who take responsibility for themselves and understand that their actions have an impact. Students that care can quickly become young people who are engaged and involved in making the world better for those around them.

Alongside a rich and rigorous academic experience, it is essential to encourage creativity, reflection, and resilience in young learners so that they grow in all areas of school life. The aim is not simply for children to gain knowledge, but to acquire the skills needed to become passionate, life-long learners who are actively engaged with the world around them.

TASIS England’s purpose-built international curriculum provides an exciting alternative pathway to traditional systems while still guiding students towards acceptance into highly respected universities, here in the UK and around the world.

As is typical for international school communities, many of our families have experienced the challenges and benefits of transition. Because of this, our school is a uniquely warm and welcoming place that provides a strong network of collaboration and support for both children and parents. Life-long friendships develop in our multinational environment, with strong bonds that remain long after families move on, spanning years and continents

Choosing the right school for your child’s primary education is so important. When looking at options for your family, you may find that an international school provides the perfect diverse, challenging, and future-focused education for your child. 

Melodi Jordan, Head of Lower School

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