Food Journal #4

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Ideas, recipes and things to inspire when food is on the agenda

With Celebrations boxes, mince pies and over-indulgences put away for another year, Food Journal #4 is a little healthier.

Disgustingly Delicious by Soledad Romero Marino and Montse Galbany

Have you ever wondered what some of the world’s most disgusting sounding dishes are? If you think eating broccoli or anchovies sounds unappealing just wait until you hear what’s on the dinner table around the world! Cow’s intestines, jellied eels, gigantic tuna eyeballs, stinky herrings… 
These might sound like disgusting ingredients to make witches’ potions with, but no, they are delicious and exclusive delicacies served in different parts of the world. While every page might not make your mouth water, the aim of this book is to question what we consider disgusting and to show the incredible diversity and creativity of the world’s cuisine. Dish by dish, you’ll also discover surprising stories and historical facts.   

Publishes on 27 April £12.99

Sushi lessons

Sticks’ n’ Sushi has great kids’ menus and now they can get involved in their masterclasses. Children get the chance to enjoy friendly guidance from the brilliant sushi masters, as they share their passion and knowledge in a series of hands-on classes for kids. They can learn to roll with the best and eat their creations over lunch with their masterclass mates, then take home a brand-new talent along with a goody bag containing a certificate, their own bandana, chopsticks, chocolate fish and a small phrase book with useful Japanese numbers and words to practice at home.

The classes are for 6 – 12-year-olds, with dates throughout the Spring including April 15th (Wimbledon) and May 20th (King’s Road, Chelsea).

Dabba Drop Expands

Big news from Hackney-born DabbaDrop! From today, London’s first plastic and emissions-free curry takeaway service will be available for delivery across all postcodes in Zones 1-3 in London!

Since 2018, the closed loop system (no greenwashing!) meant growth was slow and steady across London. The business has stayed true to their ethos of ‘planet before profit’ by delivering vegan curries in reusable tiffin tins, by bike or e-vehicle. 

So if you love plant-based food from Punjab, Sri Lanka, Goa, Delhi and more then take a look at the mouth-watering menus.

Coronation Party Planning?

Before you know it, we’ll have more bank holidays than you can shake a stick at so at some point you’re going to be providing food for a street party, festive tea or picnic. One easily transported treat which is super English is a scone, and they can be made by kids with a little input from you. They can also be pimped with cheese, dried fruit or chilli, and can be cut into mini shapes if you’d like some dainty canapés.

Head here for a Classic Scones recipe which will have you some warm, fluffy scones in no time.

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