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New walking tours take families to iconic locations around Westminster and the City

London will be front and centre in the next month as we await the coronation of King Charles III. Day trips and visits to famous London sights are on the agenda and as luck would have it, a new app could be just what frazzled parents could use. TripMonsters is the first walking city exploration app designed with children in mind, targeted for children aged 8+.

Two London routes – £6.99 each – have launched: Westminster Wonders and Knight Time which take families to iconic locations and hidden corners accompanied by a wealth of educational, historical and modern-day facts and challenges.

How it works

Kids choose from three animated characters – Battina, Scarry Mouse (not scary!) and Box’ed – to lead the way. An interactive map shows them exactly where they are, and as they reach each location they’re rewarded with route stamps and stars. Then the challenges start, with additional stars up for grabs. There are fifteen different types of challenges to choose from including quizzes, observational activities, sliding puzzles, word anagrams, spot the difference and timed challenges.

Once challenges are completed, a treasure chest of facts is unveiled, from the weird and wonderful to gruesome discoveries. The app can also be used for further educational research once everyone is home.

Westminster Wonders

Westminster Wonders takes families on a 11-stop adventure, exploring the 1,000-year centre of power of the British Empire. The route starts at Somerset House (where they can discover interesting facts about the British navy, learn about neoclassical architecture and even find out what blockbuster movies have been filmed there), ending at Westminster Abbey, where every king and queen has been crowned since 1066, and over 3000 notable people are buried.

En route, families will be taken on an adventure exploring some of the great sites of London, including Cleopatra’s Needle, York Water Gate, Eleonor Cross at Charing Cross, Trafalgar Square, Horse Guards Parade, Banqueting House, Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament and Jewel Tower. They will learn about royals (including Edward I & Edward III, Charles I and Henry VIII), discover the wonders of medieval, Victorian and gothic architecture, and find out fascinating facts about the history of parliament, the Suffragettes and World War I.

Knight Time

Knight Time takes families on a tour of medieval London, exploring sites of the Knights Templar and ancient monasteries, while also discovering key sites of the Great Fire, Plague burial pits and fascinating facts about Roman and Anglo-Saxon London. Henry VIII, James I, Elizabeth I and Lady Jane Grey also feature along the tour, alongside lots of incredible and gruesome facts that fans of Horrible Histories will love.

Helpfully, routes can be downloaded onto Apple and Google phones at home and used offline to avoid data usage.

Melbourne and Madrid have recently been added and watch out Paris – you’re getting the TripMonster treatment soon!

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