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08.09.22 Hello Halo Kids - Get Set Galactic
Ayo Sokale, James Stewart & Sam McKay

Gameshow aims to teach children about STEM through science-based sketches, team games and experiments.

Get Set Galactic is an entertaining new CBeebies STEM show in which two teams of young scientists visit S.T.A.R.S (Space Technology & Research Station) to take on a meteoric mission of fun challenges and win out-of-this world prizes.

This immersive, physical show explores STEM themes from gravity and the Solar System to pollination and energy and much more.

Each week the teams join scientists Ayo Sokale ((Civil Engineer and STEM Speaker), Sam McKay (Cancer Researcher, Machine Learning Engineer and online science educator) and main presenter James Stewart to ‘Try it and Test it’.  They take part in three missions or experiments ranging from smaller, more intricate games which require thinking, planning and strategy, to bigger, more physical games – all based around science, knowledge and learning.

The games include ‘Heavier or Lighter’, ‘Recycling’, and ‘Seasons’, all culminating in a final, exciting end game to decide the winning team involving dodging spinning stars to visit the planets or building bridges to unlock the Get Set Galactic glowing test tubes. 

Woven between the games are short science-based sketches featuring Ayo, James and Sam aboard STARS, learning new things, while sometimes getting a little bit messy!

In the first episode ‘Exercising’, Sayuri, Maisie, Aidan and Florence take on scientific challenges based on mass, fossils and the solar system, and Ayo and Sam learn about the importance of exercise to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

In episode two ‘Model Rockets’, Ava, Izabella, Michael and Josef, take on challenges based on buoyancy, shadows and structures, while Sam and Ayo compete to see who can make the best model rocket.

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