The Green Awards Fashion Winners

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We’ve deliberated, totted up the scores and collated the judges comments so we can proudly announce The Green Awards Fashion Winners.

Best Fashion Brand

JOINT GOLD: Smalls Merino

The panel love the design, the circularity and, on the face of it, simplicity of this sustainable brand whose owners can even track down the sheep your piece was made from.

Smalls produce ultra-fine next to skin merino wool childrenswear, womenswear and menswear essentials. Sustainable practices, a proven commitment to environmental responsibility, innovation and refusal to follow the herd (pun intended) are woven through every aspect of the business.

When launching in 2014, founders Cat and Em’s rejected the wastefulness of fast fashion, horrified by the terrible environmental costs so they went on to create investment purchases, both durable and stylish.

Every Smalls garment’s journey is fully traceable. The team knows exactly where the wool comes from by using bales with ZQ certification. The ZQ standard ensures a better quality of life for the animals, for our planet, producers and consumers. It is only available through exclusive supply agreement contracts between ZQ and Smalls’ farmer partner.

To turn the raw yarn into finest quality merino fabric, the team works with a family-run mill in Biella, Italy who share its values. Their tight vertical supply chain ensures a magical radius of only 30km in which all the processing stages (combing, spinning, weaving) take place, working to the highest environmental standards. This mill was the first to become B-Corp certified and the only mill in the world with EMAS certification for environmental performance.

The fabric is then taken by road to a family-run maker in Portugal to be made into beautiful Smalls (also working to the highest environmental standards). The pieces are wrapped (in water soluble packaging) and delivered straight to customers to live happily (and cosily) ever after…

The quality and durability of each piece means it retains its beauty and usefulness and can be handed-on multiple times. Once it’s been outgrown, Smalls’ trade-in program helps well-loved Smalls move on to new homes. And when they finally reach the end of their long and useful life, they are fully biodegrade, leaving no trace.

Our judges said:

“No fuss and luxurious quality that is kind to the skin as well as the environment, what’s not to love?” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“Such a fantastic company who harness the magic of merino wool with classic knits in pleasing shapes and gorgeous natural hued dyes. Their attention to detail is wonderful and their sustainability credentials is heartwarming. ” Eleonore Crompton, City Kids Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

“I love the traceability, the attention to sustainable details, not only in design but across every stage of production.” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

“They offer such a stunning range which works well as a gift for any new parent!” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

JOINT GOLD: Roarsome

Our award winning collection of animal-themed, eco-friendly clothing is designed to get kids off screens and help families to celebrate the great outdoors. By encouraging kids to play outside, we can help protect their physical and mental health, and empower them to care more about the welfare of our planet as they grow up.

By manufacturing using FENC® TopGreen® and Repreve® technologies, Roarsome has recycled over 500,000 plastic bottles into epic outdoor kids clothing, and by partnering with Ecologi, they’ve planted over 15,000 mangrove trees for their customers (capturing 4x the amount of carbon per acre than tropical rainforests)!

Sustainability isn’t just about fabrics and tree planting, it’s about extending product life cycle too. Roarsome’s products are designed to fit for two years (kids grow quick!) but they’re made to last much longer.

To differentiate themselves from other clothing brands, the team also worked with the brilliant children’s illustrator Jane Foster to create our own family of characters. The plan is to establish the characters as climate superheroes to help us make environmental issues more approachable for young families. The next step is developing their personalities, voices & storylines to strengthen their IP, allowing scale into various other sectors (animation, film, print, gaming, nft…), all pushing the message to get kids outdoors.

Our judges said:

“Making sustainable fashion playful and fun, I just love the back story, manufacturing process and stylish aesthetic of these clothes!” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“Absolutely love this brand which celebrates the pure joy and fun of childhood. Everything feels so well made and knowing that Roarsome keeps respect for the planet at the heart of what they do is very reassuring.” Eleonore Crompton, City Kids Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

“Roarsome has injected a serious amount of fun into sustainable issues, engaging children and parents alike with their approach.” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

“Cool and colourful designs leading in the industry this brand really knows how to set the pace and deliver.  They are unique and doing things their way.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

SILVER: Kin & Cloth

Kin & Cloth was created for parents and carers who value style whilst being conscious of our environment and the makers behind the products. From using woven fabrics and carefully selected upcycle cashmere, styles are designed to give children a far longer wearer time than high street brands.

Founder Jasmine King was asked by a local head teacher and parent to run a creative class after parents had bought her pieces from the Kings Cross Canopy Market, where she runs a popup shop. This has led to an after school programme that informs children about the clothes they wear and engages them with all aspects of the making process.

“Both aspects of the business work well together and for the greater change we need to see, nurturing young minds is crucial. For me, it’s about developing community, influencing culture, creating evangelists, building a trusted brand and for children to know that there is no limit to creativity.” Jasmine King

Our judges said:

“Bringing community alongside eco initiatives is an integral way to support the environment. So I’m not only in love with the aesthetic of these stylish clothes, but the work the brand is doing to level up for greater change.” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“Simple, super wearable pieces with a homespun feel that can be layered up or down through the seasons. The tunic dress with deep patch pockets and the striped hand-knits are favourites. Designed and ethically made in the UK in small batches, these are clothes that will be handed down and down and down.” Eleonore Crompton, City Kids Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

“A fabulous brand educating and dressing our kids sustainably.” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

“More than just a brand with an important mission I love the idea of setting up ways to support and educate!” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

BRONZE : Tine de Cleer

Tine De Cleer is a sustainable label that works with a lot of deadstock fabrics and leftovers from bigger luxury companies. Tine is trained in fashion design, specialized in women’s patterns and known for perfect workmanship. The brand produces small unique girls collections focussed on high quality fabrics, refinement and couture workmanship. Each item in the collection is unique due to the high quality fabric we carefully select from deadstock designer collections.

The mentality of the collection is transforming trash into treasures. Creating something new out of something old. Tine plays with couture like shapes and sculpted volumes with its signature bows and hand sewn finishing. All garments are created, hand cut and sewn in house in Hasselt, Belgium with no compromise on design, quality or sustainability.

Our judges said:

“I’m stunned that these beautiful clothes have been crafted by deadstock fabric – talk about jaw drop!” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“Wow. Beautiful one of a kind couture pieces made from deadstock with a strong commitment to sustainability throughout the production process. These dresses are stunning. Love the mix of sculptural and ethereal pieces that would make any child feel truly special.” Eleonore Crompton, City Kids Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

“Such gorgeous and fashion forward thinking here!  Style as it’s best without comprising on the echo need for change.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster


Ira & Isla

Proudly made in England, Ira & Isla’s designs are inspired by silhouettes from the 1900’s and are made with traditional production methods. Fine detailing such as smocks and lace trimmings play an important part in the elegance and timelessness of the garments.

Sustainability is at the core of the business, minimising waste through design practice and packaging with recyclable materials. The team works with manufacturers that offer low minimum order quantities which allow us to produce new designs and reduce waste. It was fundamental to us to manufacture our products as possible in the UK to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Extending the lifespan of all products and minimising waste is at the core of Ira & Isla Baby and Kids. Dresses are made to last and pass on. The starting point is a high-quality product, from there landfill wastage is naturally reduced. Extending the product life cycle is achieved through design including generous sizing, deeper hems which can be taken down to help ensure garments fit for two or even three years.

Ira & Isla is committed to reducing its carbon footprint including working with UK suppliers, reducing the number of air and road miles between factories and the studio. Additionally, all the cardboard and tissue use for packaging are made from recycled materials. Plastics are not used.

Our judges said:

“I love the exquisite vintage-inspired designs.” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“A gorgeous heritage feel range that keeps its carbon footprint down with UK based production and supply. These are dresses made with old fashioned techniques that will last. Clothes to be treasured and handed down”. Eleonore Crompton, City Kids Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

“The passion for a more sustainable approach to children’s fashion shines through this entry from Ira & Isla.” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

“Beautiful heritage British designs totally timeless in their look and with the ability to pass down to generations.  The use of UK suppliers is also a very commendable achievement. I love this brand and what they are doing in the industry.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

Rosa & Blue

Rosa & Blue specialises in creating luxurious and breathable sleepwear for babies and children up to six years. Products are gorgeously soft and sustainable, thanks to the use of bamboo. Prints are hand-painted in the family home, ensuring they are exclusive in every way and each product is lovingly manufactured at their highly certified factory in Turkey.

Rose & Blue products are designed to be passed down through siblings, cousins and friends. Designs are timeless and therefore can be worn in years to come. Bamboo is the most wonderful fabric, producing 35% more oxygen and absorbs four times more carbon than other trees and plants and it doesn’t require polluting pesticides or fertiliser to grow. All packaging is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable but is still able to create a luxury un-boxing experience for the customer.

Our judges said:

“The hand painted prints are so charming and im impressed these sleep suits are made with bamboo.” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“These look so soft! Bamboo is such a wonderfully sustainable fabric option and I like the way these delicate, hand-drawn animal illustrations are dotted about on a neutral background. A great way to get little ones excited about animals while choosing environmentally friendly sleepwear. Eleonore Crompton, City Kids Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

“What a gorgeous range of timeless pieces.  Again another Mother who brings her experience to the market.  i love the fact that the items can be passed down and on and the carbon footprint and ethos behind this small but mighty brand really impresses me.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

Blade & Rose

Blade & Rose produces a range of eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable clothing for babies and children. All fabrics throughout the collections are certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, containing no harmful chemicals or substances.

All of the clothing in the WWF Collection by Blade & Rose is made from 100% organic cotton. 10% of each sale goes to WWF UK. All other cotton products are sourced using the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) which exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in, and better for the sectors future.

Blade & Rose also have ranges dedicated to helping the environment, including eco splash suits, colour-changing raincoats, and matching lunchboxes and rucksacks. The splash suits are made from high-quality recycled polyester derived from 30 plastic bottles per suit. The eco splashsuits are an easy planet-saving option for parents, as not only do they divert plastic from landfills, but the production of recycled polyester requires far fewer resources than that of new fibres, generating fewer CO2 emissions.

The magic colour changing raincoats also have an outer layer made from 100% recycled polyester. Blade & Rose also produce eco waterproof rucksacks and eco lunchboxes, made sustainably from recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles, to help save the planet for future generations.

All of the Blade & Rose plastic packaging is recycled AND in turn can be recycled again, meaning their carbon footprint is greatly reduced, helping with the sustainability of online shopping. Additionally, Blade & Rose are in the final stages of launching their recycled products on a sustainable website where 15% of each sale will go towards tree-planting projects around the world. Moving forward, Blade & Rose are continually improving sustainable operations, and are always open to feedback and ideas about how they can do their bit for the planet. They continue to search for opportunities to support our world and environment.

Our judges said:

“Colour-changing raincoats, eco splash suits and WWF supporting leggings? Now this is what you call style and substance.” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“Love these jolly baby clothes designed to make adults and babies smile to the max. So easy to dress little ones in when they just need something fun, practical and comfy. I’m impressed with their commitment to sustainability.” Eleonore Crompton, City Kids Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

“I love this brand from their daily clothing range to the outerwear collection.  The changeable fabrics and the use of echo friendly materials really does impress me.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster


Pickbu t-shirts begin as big rolls of printed organic cotton with bright colourful patterns and are hand sewn as each order comes in. They’re affordable and the complete opposite of mass production.

Pickbu only makes to order so there’s no waste and everything is environmentally friendly, even down to the thread we use in our tshirts which is made from recycled bottles – unlike clothing that you can buy normally. All Pickbu items are delivered in completely plastic-free packaging as well.

Whilst already subscribed to becoming a SAS plastiv-free champion, Pickbu is aiming to sign up to ecologi.

Our judges said:

“Such Fun designs!! We must find ways to reduce the landfills, and I love Pickbu’s make to order approach.” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“Perfect for kids who love to express themselves with bright colours and exciting patterns. Lots of fab animal and plant motifs to help kids feel connected to the natural world and nice to hear that they’re all made from organic cotton with recycled thread used where possible and zero plastic packaging.” Eleonore Crompton, City Kids Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

“A Mum on a mission!  I am so amazed that this mother makes these clothes herself and I love the colourful prints and the plastic free commitment!” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster


Twinkleboo was specifically founded because its owner, Diana Rzayeva, a new mother herself, was dissatisfied with available options for environmentally conscious parents.

Diana’s business is a new baby and toddler clothing brand (0-3 years) with a carefully curated selection of baby clothes that are kind to our planet and gentle on children’s skin.

As a result of her desire to protect the planet and little ones with sensitive skin, Twinkleboo clothes are either 100% organic cotton, which most parents will be familiar with, or Modal. Modal fabric is a plant-based alternative made from spinning beech tree cellulose. Modal is considered more eco-friendly than cotton because cultivating beech trees needs 10- 20 times less water.

Materials aside, there are two particular types of baby clothing Twinkleboo specialises in passionately; items made from openwork fabric and with outward-facing seams. Both prevent irritation and help little ones thermoregulate themselves. The brand is also committed to only working with handpicked ethical and sustainable suppliers. This is evident in the quality and durability across Diana’s product range. Everything is designed to last through multiple wears and washes.

Twinkleboo is also mindful of its packaging and shipping materials. The brand is extremely proud to be part of the Eco Packaging Alliance. Every Twinkleboo item is delivered in compostable packaging and a tree is planted for every order too. This helps offset carbon emissions generated by transportation.

Our judges said:

“As a parent with a child who has sensitive skin, I know how important it is to find suitable clothing, that still feels special. Well done Twinleboo!” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“I’m a huge fan of pointelle so this brand’s breathable openwork cotton fabrics really appealed to me. The clever way they’ve turned the seams inside out in their sleepwear so that sensitive babies are as comfortable as possible is brilliant! Interesting to hear about one of their preferred fabrics, modal being eco-friendly and great that their packaging is all compostable.” Eleonore Crompton, City Kids Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

“A new mother with a real drive and want to make an impact!  Sensitive skin in something that so much of us parents face with our little ones and it’s wonderful to see this brand offering a beautiful solution to this.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

Best Shoe Brand


ZIG+STAR is the first footwear brand to embrace sustainable design and circularity to address the throwaway mentality of outgrown footwear head on. The “Good-To-Grow” design concept creates styles that grow and adjust with each child, therefore lasting longer and reducing consumption.

“Good-To-Grow” design is at the heart of everything at ZIG+STAR. For boots and shoes, an innovative removable hidden midsole has been created, that increases the fit by half a size and wear-time by approx. 6 months. Sandals have fully adjustable straps around the foot that allow the fitting to increase as the feet grow.

ZIG+STAR is also unisex, conscious that shoes can therefore be shared between sister, brother and friend. The brand is plastic-free, selecting all our materials for maximum durability, lowest impact and biodegradability. Premium, chrome-free leathers are used for the uppers, tested to the highest global standards to ensure there are no nasty chemicals. All outsoles are natural rubber, which is long-lasting, lightweight and biodegradable. Packaging is recycled/recyclable or compostable. Even the covetable suitcase shoebox is designed for extended use and doubles as a toy, storage box and has a handy foot measuring chart inside.

ZIG+STAR is partnered with Sals Shoes, who work tirelessly to get old, usable shoes to the people who need them most. As a business, they provide a free shipping label for customers to post old shoes directly to the charity.

To ensure no shoes end up in landfill, ZIG+STAR, gives each customer a free shipping label to send their old shoes back to them which ZIG+STAR pay to be broken down and re- purposed for anything from kids playgrounds to carpet padding.

Our judges said:

“Zig and star is the full package, style AND substance. I particularly love the inclusion of reselling which is a great incentive to invest in quality footwear.” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“10/10 for ZIG+STAR! Super clever design solutions in the creation of sustainable, unisex children’s footwear. Bravo!” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

“What a fantastically innovative idea! Shoes are a huge issue for the environment and my gosh how quickly do we go through them in our children’s early years. The Good to grow aspect it truly genius and the stats behind why we need this problem looked at are staggering. Well done team Z&S you’re really changing things for the better.” Neev Spencer, DJ & broadcaster

SILVER: Pip & Henry

Pip & Henry seeks to disrupt this cycle of shoes ending up in landfill.

The range is complete with beautiful, vibrant shoes for children that raise the bar on environmentally friendly components – including recycled materials, organic fabrics, plant-based fibres and factory off-cuts. 80% of the materials used in our shoes are environmentally sustainable, one of the highest in the children’s footwear industry.

Parents are incentivised to return old, outgrown shoes so they can be recycled effectively, rather than ending up in landfill.

As part of the brand’s commitment to change, the team has invested in content – storybooks, activity packs and gamified packaging – that in a fun creative way educates kids about the challenges facing our planet and inspires them to drive change. Pip & Henry stories, written by our Founder Jeroo Doodhmal, are inspired in the same way as the design and production of shoes – with a love for the environment. The shoebox also doubles up as an exciting and educational board game children can play to help them learn about the environment.

Our judges said:

“So impressed by the use of off cuts to make these stunning shoes.” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“The passion to ensure children’s footwear lasts, is recycled and created sustainably is very clear with Pip & Henry.” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

“Beautiful shoes made from such great recyclable materials!  This brand really know how to create change and I love the idea of the story books and messages behind this movement.” Neev Spencer, DJ & broadcaster

Best Preloved

GOLD: Kidswear Collective

Kidswear Collective is an online store selling pre-loved designer fashion for children from birth to 14 years, where items are sold at up to 80% off their original retail price. The website addresses our urgent need to reduce waste in the fashion industry, but also makes available designer pieces at affordable prices.

Charity and supporting communities is at the heart of Kidswear Collective. What remains unsold is donated to Little Village and through their recently launched partnership with the charity Mothers2Mothers, Kidswear Collective supports women with HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa. A recent ‘Donating Clothes for Good’ pop-up in Fenwick Bond Street sold items donated by celebrities and influencers including Jessie Ware, Vogue Williams, Rachel Riley and Emma Bunton to raise money and awareness for the charity.

Kidswear Collective launched an initiative with couture kidswear brand Maison Ava in December 2022 using their off-cuts to create a limited edition partywear collection, and there are similar initiatives with other brands in the pipeline. Expect more partnerships with kids fashion brands offering customers and sellers rewards for buying and selling their pre-loved items through Kidswear Collective.

Kidswear Collective is passionate about extending the lifecycle of luxury clothes and offering a ‘first-hand’ experience to all our customers. Sustainability has never played more on our minds as it has now. Every garment is inspected and authenticated before being professionally cleaned by sustainable dry cleaners, Oxwash. It is then photographed and store until sold and sent out in Kidswear Collective’s luxury recyclable signature packaging.

“We are passionate about changing the perception of pre-loved kids fashion and making designer kids fashion accessible to all. In terms of sustainability, we have saved an estimated 18.6 million litres of water and 37 tonnes of carbon so far. We believe there has never been a better – or more important time – to change the way we shop, but without having to compromise on quality.” Shoshana Kazab, Kidswear Collective.

Our judges said:

“As someone who enjoys dressing my kids in luxury designer fashion, I am obsessed with this concept. Well curated and aspirational, while still doing a huge job in keeping clothes from landfills, by making pre-loved cool, relevant and luxurious.” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“The brands on offer and the quality of the garments are second to none and to think that parents can buy consciously as well is like the golden ticket!” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

“I’ve always loved the way this brand operates.  The idea of bringing designer fashion to all and with the echo aspect too.  This is just such a fantastic forward-thinking brand and I love the selection the curate.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

Best Subscription

GOLD: thelittleloop

We are the children’s retailer of the future – daring to rewrite the future of the fashion industry, and make dressing our kids better. Better quality for them, better impact for their planet, and better value for their parents.

Kids grow so fast! Clothing them is not only expensive and time consuming, but it results in piles of barely worn, often unethically made clothing. In fact there are 183 million items of baby clothing alone stashed in UK cupboards by parents facing exactly this problem. As busy, tired parents, the guilt, cost and energy expended is something we just don’t need.
Over half of parents would like to buy more ethically produced clothing but can’t justify the cost and a massive 8 in 10 want to reduce the waste of children’s clothing.

Thelittleloop, is fixing this broken wheel. With a membership to our circular clothing club, parents can borrow an entire wardrobe of stylish, ethical clothing, then send them back and swap them when they’re done – as often as they like. The savings are huge. Customers can save up to £1000 per year with a thelittleloop membership instead of buying new. In fact 73% of customers tell us that thelittleloop is better value than the alternatives. And over 90% tell us renting has reduced the amount of clothing they now buy.

Which brings us to the true IMPACT….By giving clothes up to 5x more wear, we displace the CO2e and water of 4 brand new items. Annually we save each customer the equivalent of 360 miles driven of carbon, and 300 kid’s baths of water.
Creating an incredible experience for our customers is top of our priorities. From our bespoke reusable mailing bags which parents use to send clothes back to us in, to our custom-built re-commerce platform, we’ve revolutionised the conventional shopping experience by bringing together sustainability, convenience, style and value in one place. It’s simple to use, delightful, guilt busting, and ultimately makes parents lives a whole lot easier.

And we’re doing it all hand-in-hand with the UK’s best ethical brands – from John Lewis to The Simple Folk. Instead of wholesaling, we share our revenue with them, helping them to adopt the circular economy and working with them to improve the sustainability of the children’s fashion industry from the inside. And with 15,000 items, stretching from age 12 months to 12 years, the amazing choice we offer to our customers is unsurpassed. We even resell our clothes at the end of their life, with an Outlet designed for parents who want to be sustainable without renting.

We’re creating a movement, and are the kids clothing rental business in the UK. Since our launch, thelittleloop has won two Junior Design Awards and most recently,we won Editor’s Choice in the 2023 MadeForMums Awards. We’ve even recently been named by “somewhat of a household name when it comes to children’s rental” by a major UK glossy.
Over the next year we have huge expansion plans so watch this space!

Our judges said:

“A full-circle brand, elevating eco values not only for itself but other brands – really impressed with its collaborative approach.” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“Value for parents is a huge thing.  But to have that and also positively impact the planet is a double. I like the concept and the thinking behind this and the brand is clearly making some waves.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

SILVER: Bundlee

Bundlee is the UK’s first rental subscription service for baby and toddler clothes. Founded with the mission to offer sustainable, stylish, space-saving and budget-friendly clothing to parents, the subscription has now serviced over 2,500 families and is proud to champion an innovative circular model that extends the lifespan of clothes and greatly reduces clothing waste.

With sustainability at the heart of why Bundlee was born, it’s at the core of every choice we make. From the brands they partner with, to the reusable packaging, to using the lowest carbon delivery service, to their green cleaning and eco- friendly Ozone sanitisation methods, they are aiming for a better future.

A lifecycle assessment found that Bundlee’s rental subscription model reduces water consumption by 96% and carbon emissions by 86%, compared to buying clothes new; alongside saving families 70% of the cost.

Bundlee choose to partner with premium children’s fashion brands based on five key pillars: sustainability, ethics, style, comfort, and longevity such as Stella McCartney Kids, Patagonia, Mini Rodini, MORI, The Bonnie Mob and Vivobarefoot. They have also designed their own collection, Bundlee Originals, specifically for the rental subscription model – some of the collection is produced at a small factory in Nottingham, to support the UK manufacturing industry.

Our judges said:

“This ticks so many boxes for new parents. Firstly taking the hard part out of choosing but also knowing a new set of clothes will be ready at every stage kids grow out of their clothes. It’s a scandi concept long overdue in the UK.” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“I love this brands 5 pillars and everything they are trying to achieve.  A subscription box to this extent with this variety is so impress and I can see them making big waves. in the industry!” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

BRONZE: or collective

or collective is focused on reducing the impact that fashion has on the planet without compromise on style. The mantra is rent. Wear. Repeat. Started from first hand frustrations and a realisation that kidswear is the ultimate fast fashion, founder Bliss wanted to create a platform that allowed the dopamine hit of shopping new with none of the impact (or guilt) – that comes from buying new. Through this she has brought together like minded parents interested in fashion, building a strong community changing the way they shop.

‘or’ works with an amazing repertoire of cult kidswear brands from bobo choses to Claude&co, focussing on brands that are design-led with a sustainable ethos. All stains and wear-and-tear are covered in your subscription and you can stop, pause or change the size of your wardrobe any time.

Circularity is the foundation, from product to packaging and office habits… Full potential rental life is still under discovery, the longest rented item so far has had 38 weeks on rent over 3 families and still going strong!

Rent. Wear. Rotate.

Our judges said:

“People often think that eco means expensive, I think the cost saving element makes this rental service a win win!” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“Rent, wear, rotate what a clever idea! I also really like the Mums Collection and the ease of handing over the style pressures to people who know!” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

Best Retailer

GOLD: Eeny Meeny

Eeny Meeny is an online ethical shop offering imaginative, creative, and sustainable toys and accessories for children aged 0 to seven, founded by a London-based mum with a vision to create a positive impact.

The store curates only UK and European brands locally made or those benefiting their local communities, ensuring that each unique, fun item appeals to both children and their eco-aware parents. From smart educational toys to engaging role play essentials, every gift creates a moment of happiness that aligns with personal values.

With every purchase, Eeny Meeny donates 1% of sales to charities supporting children and families in need in the UK – so every kid can get the start in life they deserve. Since launch six months ago, Eeny Meeny has been dedicated to enhancing childhood while being conscious of our environment. Some highlights:

– 50% of our brands are locally produced in the UK or Europe. The other 50% are brands that work actively with their local communities/ leveraging Local Craftsmanship. As examples: Kitpas crayons are made in Japan by mostly disabled people, Rice Baskets are handmade in Madagascar, MyuM is working with women in the countryside of South China to handmade each of their rattles, etc.

Close to £1000 to Little Village, baby bank in London, since going live. % of sales rather than profit.

All packaging is made from recycled materials and fully recyclable. Our courier (DPD) has a clear commitment to reduce CO2 emissions, and all deliveries CO2 neutral. For now – orders are dropped using a Cargo Bike, reducing impact.

Our judges said:

“Making shopping locally stylish and charitable – fantastic for a new brand on the block.” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist

“Love when a Mother launches a brand because they just know what’s needed in a different way.  The story here and the want to make a positive impact really stood out.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

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