The Green Awards Lifestyle Winners

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We’ve deliberated, totted up the scores and collated the judges comments so we can proudly announce The Green Awards Lifestyle Winners.

Best Toy

GOLD: Lovevery

The Play Kits by Lovevery is a holistic resource for parent and child, not simply a source of toys. The stage-based early learning program is designed to promote brain development through play during the early years of childhood with sustainably-designed toys and books for children and resources for parents, delivered by subscription at 2-3 month intervals, from ages 0-4 years.

As a Certified B CorporationTM and GOTS certified trader, Lovevery ensures their products ship carbon neutral with efficient packaging to reduce waste and are crafted from materials including FSC-certified wood, organic cotton, OEKO-TEX® fabrics, handcrafted felt, recycled paper, soy-based ink, water-based paints, and bio-based plastics. Using real, natural materials like wood, cotton, and felt provide rich, multi-sensory experiences for children as they explore the world around them.

Lovevery believes in fewer, better things; both because it’s better for the planet and because it is scientifically proven to help a child avoid overstimulation and engage in deeper, more meaningful play. The Play Kits are an ideal solution for parents looking to streamline their child’s toys.

86% of the materials used in Lovevery products and packaging are made from renewable, bio-based, or recycled materials that are verified by third parties where possible. Certain products in the Play Kits—like our Super Sustainable Sink and Turtle Hatch Game—contain bio-based plastic, which is sourced from sugarcane rather than petroleum, significantly reducing these products’ carbon footprint.

The Lovevery team is always looking at our product lifecycle and how we can minimize waste. They intentionally design and thoroughly test products to make sure they are timeless in design, instead of based on a passing trend, and so that they can stand up to lots of play. There is also a lost parts program run through the customer experience team, which allows for replacement of lost or broken items to avoid discarding of playthings. To date, this program has fulfilled over 22,000 lost part requests to save incomplete products from going to the landfill. Their goal is to make products that can be passed on for generations.

While sustainable products and practices have been a part of Lovevery’s DNA since the very beginning, The Lovevery Commitment was launched as a formal strategy for climate action.

As part of this commitment Lovevery identified a goal that by 2025, 90% of the materials used in their products and packaging would be made from renewable, bio- based, or recycled materials that are verified by third parties where possible. By 2030, their goal is to achieve net zero carbon in every possible part of our supply chain.

Our judges said:

“This sustainably made toy brand is so well thought out and considered on every level. All the toys and storage equipment look incredibly well made and although some of them are definitely investment pieces you can tell that they’ll last for years and will provide a myriad of different ways to play – growing with children until they are finally handed down. The subscription model is a great option for busy parents who want to shop ethically and keep their eye on cognitive development through play.” Eleonore Crompton, City Kids Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

“We always look forward to Lovevery’s stage-based play products arriving in the post. Their educational, eco-friendly and toxic-free play kits have kept my baby engaged at every phase of development into toddlerhood.” Kelly Eastwood, @thelondonchatter, Sustainability Ambassador

“The City Kids team loves the quality of Lovevery’s sustainable toy range and applauds the affordable subscription option which opens choice to a much wider audience. The lost parts programme is such a clever idea.” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

SILVER : Make-a-Fort

The Make-A-Fort Explorer Kit, is a fort building kit for families and kids and these toys are eco friendly and made out of sustainable materials. The toy kit includes recycled cardboard panels and cardboard braces that are linked with foam connectors for building.

Each cardboard panel has characters for kids to color and decorate and they are outlined with a non-toxic ink that has been tested by a Consumer Product Safety Commission approved testing lab to be safe for use with children.

The entire toy comes in a cardboard carrying case for easy storage and contains no additional packaging or waste. Even better, this toy can be used over and over to build with and provide hours of entertainment.

Furthermore, the cardboard used in the toy is an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled when it is no longer needed. We strongly believe that this toy is a sustainable choice.

Our judges said:

“A fantastic toy that will absorb a group of kids for hours. Incorporating designing, building, colouring and creative play, this is one of those toys that keeps on giving. Love the fact that it can be easily stored flat under or behind a sofa!” Eleonore Crompton, City Kids Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

“Whose child doesn’t like making a den? Make-a-Fort’s eco-friendly Explorer kits are a perfect choice for hours of imaginative play.” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor


HEVEA’s sole purpose on launch was to try to provide products which wouldn’t leave a lasting impact on the planet. It had purpose and still does. Hevea, or natural rubber, can replace many kinds of plastic and decomposes naturally as well as being reused reused to make new products.

While the hevea trees grow mainly in Southeast Asia, and much of the production skills and facilities are found close to the plantations where the hevea is harvested, the design philosophy is inherently Danish. Unifying the beautiful design with clear functionality is the core of the renowned Danish design tradition, and we see this in spades with HEVEA the brand.

The HEVEA range covers toys, pacifiers, feeding, interiors and more.

HEVEA is also B Corp and Vegan certified.

HEVEA has also created a recycling and upcycling programme for natural rubber pacifiers which means old rubber can be reused.

HEVEA is a brand innovator in natural rubber, in design, in ways to work together, and in processes and distribution.

Our judges said:

“Gorgeous toys in muted shades that parents, babies and toddlers will love. There’s a sweet, nostalgic feel to lots of these items that really appeals to me. Perfect for anyone who likes to find the balance between cosy, cute and stylish with the reassurance that these first toys are planet friendly.” Eleonore Crompton, City Kids Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

“I was so excited to discover Hevea’s innovative and natural designs.” Kelly Eastwood, @thelondonchatter, Sustainability Ambassador

“HEVEA provides stylish toys perfect for mindful gifting.” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

Best Book/Publisher

GOLD: Ivy Kids – Quarto Group

The Ivy Kids imprint aims are to publish beautiful, eye-catching books for eco-conscious consumers.
Publishing joyful stories and non-fiction, predominantly about nature and the environment they look to the future with positivity and allay eco-anxieties.

The team’s planet-friendly mission is to endeavour, wherever possible, to print locally to where books will be sold, on post-consumer recycled paper and employ carbon offsetting methods to reduce the environmental footprint.

A Little Dose of Nature, specifically, is a gentle guide to being outside that helps children aged five to eight make the most of all the good nature can do for mental health.

The book introduces kids to nature’s five ‘key ingredients’, which can provide cognitive and emotional benefits. From observing the branching patterns of roots and leaves that mimic our own anatomies, to the power of sunlight, rainfall and birdsong, readers young and old will discover how to notice and appreciate what nature does for them, their minds, and their bodies.

Written by psychologist Dr. Alison Greenwood, this book introduces an easily accessible tonic for difficulty and distress, and encourages us all to get our dose of nature for a happy, healthy life.

Our judges said:

“A well thought out and beautiful book that marries the benefits of nature on your mental health. Good eco credentials too using recycled paper and carbon-footprint reduction methods.” Sharon Jones, City Kid Book Editor

“This publisher is on an impressive planet friendly mission with the paper and printing methods. In regard to the content, I thought this is a refreshing way to engage children at a young age by approaching their environmental future with positivity and reducing eco-anxiety.” Jo Pratt, Food Writer

“We are big fans of books in our home and these really look so interesting.  It’s hard to try and communicate the importance of the environment to our kids and these are a simple but beautiful way of putting that message out there gently.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

SILVER: Being You by Daniel Thompson – Collins

Collins is committed to reducing its impact on the environment through its children’s reference books. Being You by Daniel Thompson, a brand-new book of powerful poems for positive thinking, showcases this perfectly. This collection of 50 poems will inspire confidence and courage, help children to overcome worries and spread kindness. Beautifully illustrated, it is filled with poems for children to read alone or enjoy with the whole family. With themes of friendship, self-belief, embracing change and celebrating people’s differences, it’s the perfect gift book for children to treasure.

There is a QR code on the back of the book, leading to a webpage that explains how the publisher is reducing its environmental impact. This page is written in simple language, with young readers in mind.

Collins uses responsibly sourced paper which is fsc-certified, which means that it comes from well-managed forests. It helps to protect habitats, plant more trees, and look after local people and wildlife. Collins uses vegetable-based inks and has removed plastic from covers which means they can be easily recycled. No glitter or foil is used reducing the impact to the environment.

Collins is also encouraging kids to look after the environment after they have finished with the book, by either passing the book on, or if it is a puzzle book that has been written in, recycling it. This is shown by two different symbols on the back of our books.

Our judges said:

“A joyous book of poems all about positivity. Written in plain language, it’s perfect for children and adults to read aloud. This book is made from responsibly sourced paper, only containing vegetable ink making it fully recyclable.” Sharon Collins, City Kids Book Editor

“This entry is less about its content but more about print and packaging. I was impressed with the publishers emphasis on encouraging children to recycle or upcycle once they had finished with the book.” Jo Pratt, Food Writer

“We read to our children each and every night and I’m always looking for stories that help them understand their selves better and point them in the right direction of life.  Teaching kindness is key at an early age and I love the idea of these books and poems.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

BRONZE: Can we really help dolphins – Usborne

Can we really help the Dolphins? is a positive, creative, colourful and REALLY USEFUL introduction to protecting our seas – and the animals living in them.

The sea creatures are having a rough ride at the moment, navigating plastic litter, chemical spills, warming oceans and fishing supertrawlers. They share their predicament with some sparky, beach- loving kids – and together they make an exciting plan to save the world’s seas and oceans.

This gorgeous picture book brings to life the many important roles of our seas and oceans, whilst giving helpful and inspiring solutions, without overwhelming little ones.

Our judges said:

“A gorgeous picture book which is all about protecting our oceans and all who inhabit them. The sea creatures are battling against plastic, fishing trawlers and rising temperatures but with the help of some environmentally conscious kids all is not lost.” Sharon Jones, City Kids Book Editor

“A fun, colourful and creative picture book that cleverly teaches children ways to protect our seas now and in the future without being too heavy or scary for them. This is a lovely book for children to discuss with their parents/teachers etc.” Jo Pratt, Food Writer

A beautiful book with a very important message.  The bright colours and the story really encapsulate the magic behind these sea creatures and stress the need for us to help them but with a gentle touch.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Alex Neptune Dragon Thief by David Owen – Usborne

Meet Alex Neptune, the boy with the power of the ocean in his hands – a brand-new hero for fans of Percy Jackson and Dragon Realm! For as long as Alex Neptune can remember, the ocean has been trying to kill him. So he’s not too happy when a bunch of sea creatures drag him to the abandoned aquarium on the hill, where an imprisoned water dragon needs his help. But how can he say no to a magical myth?

Recruiting his tech-genius best friend Zoey, legend-lover Anil, a sharp-shooting octopus, four acrobatic otters and a thieving seagull, Alex plots a heist to break the dragon out. And suddenly discovers the power of the ocean at his fingertips..

This is the first book in a funny middle-grade adventure series placing the power of the ocean in the hands of a schoolboy. Filled with eco themes, the magic of the sea and friendship – this the perfect boo for fans of Percy Jackson, Dragon Mountain and Malamander.

Our judges said:

“This is the first of an exciting new series introducing Alex Neptune who discovers he has the power of the ocean in his hands, but can he rescue an imprisoned water dragon before it’s too late. For fans of Percy Jackson, this is a page-turner with plenty of environmental themes.” Sharon Jones, City Kids Book Editor

“This is a simple approach to a variety of eco themes subtly written into a fun children’s story.” Jo Pratt, Food Writer

“A fun and exciting book about saving the world! A fantastic gift idea for all the adventurers out there.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

Best Skincare

JOINT GOLD: Spots and Stripes

Spots & Stripes was created by a mother of a teen and a tween with a background in beauty (so she knows her stuff!). She saw a gap in the market when she couldn’t find the skin and body care her 12-year-old needed once she’d grown out of her baby/child products.

So, she decided to create the products herself. She convinced one of the UK’s best natural manufacturers to take her on. She tested the formulas on her daughters and their friends. After two years, Spots & Stripes was born.

The products address the particular needs of tween/teen skin and hair: cleansers to keep spots at bay on delicate skin; shampoos that will deal with greasy roots without striping scalps, sulphate-free washes and aluminium-free deodorants for when they get sweaty…
Products are formulated to be safe and gentle on tween/teen skin (which is a delicate hybrid of child and hormonal), but still have the effectiveness this age group needs, because they are full of clever ingredients.

The brand is highly natural, which uses serious, 100% natural actives (not just ‘naturally derived’) and 0% parabens, SLS, phthalates, and other nasties. It’s a brand that’s earth friendly and ethically sourced – looking after the future of these tweens/teens, and teaching them that these things matter.

Our judges said:

“This brand really fills the gap between baby and child skincare and full-on adult skincare. Tweens and teens will love this cool looking and fab smelling collection of products that really help treat their very specific skincare needs in a gentle yet effective way. The ethically sourced, natural ingredients and lack of harmful parabens, SLS and phthalates puts teens on the path of better, greener choices from the get go.” Eleonore Crompton, City Kids Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

“What a fantastic product.  The market really needed this gap filled.  Im happy to see that a line has been created that can look after our older kids hair, body and skin needs and they are so important as they grow.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

JOINT GOLD: Kit & Kin Magic Salve

Kit & Kin magic salve is a creamy blend of naturally nourishing oils and botanical extracts. It helps soothe inflamed skin and form a protective barrier to stop any irritants coming into contact with the skin.
The clever all-rounder calms, moisturises and helps clear up skin irritations anywhere on your family’s body. Truly versatile, it can be used to treat nappy rash, dribble rash, dry spots, chapped lips or as an everyday moisturiser.

Kit & Kin protects the environment too. Certified natural by the Soil Association, the baby skincare range uses organic and sustainable ingredients as well as recyclable packaging to help conserve the future resources of a baby’s world and limit the impact on our planet. Kit & Kin is a member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and all products are cruelty free.

Every pot gives back through the Kit & Kin Foundation, helping to protect acres of threatened rainforest around the world and support women and children living in these areas with educational scholarships, family planning clinics and healthcare.

Our judges said:

“Such a gorgeous natural product that soothes and protects with fresh smelling, herbal ingredients that really work. A great multi-purpose salve that works extremely well as a nappy cream and is perfect for stealing when you need some lip balm/moisturiser. Really like that this is in an open pot so you can get every last bit out. I’m always hugely impressed that evey Kit & Kin product bought helps protect the rain forest through the Kit & Kin Foundation.” Eleonore Crompton, City Kids Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

“A brand that is starting to become synonymous with real care for kids and babies.  I really think this whole line is fantastic.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

Best Nappy

GOLD: pimpam

Changing the way reusable nappies are viewed, pimpam’s products are fashionable and functional. All nappies are unisex and one size fits most – from birth to potty training age. Each print is designed by Aless Baylis, the founder, so each print is one of a kind and original. With disposable nappies taking around 500 years to degrade and with the average baby needing over 2,000 nappies a year, anything that reduces the massive contribution of used nappies to landfill is a great thing.

Our judges said:

“When I think of reusable nappies I don’t think of something as stylish and cute as this! Love the look of them and really support the movement here.  It’s crucial to lower the impact of the nappy echo footprint!” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

“Top marks to pimpam for their commitment to sustainability and a better future for our children.” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

SILVER: Kit & Kin

Kit & Kin’s award-winning hypoallergenic nappy is made from sustainable, plant-based materials, and are kind on baby’s skin and to the planet. Accreditations include Dermatest, Allergy Certified, FSC and Carbon Neutral Plant.

Better for the world, Kit & Kin uses sustainable, plant-derived materials to help end their dependency on non-renewable resources and protect the future of your baby’s world. Their super absorbent core contains bio-based gels and totally chlorine-free, FSC® certified wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. The top layer, outer lining, leg cuffs and packaging are all made from 100% sustainable materials. Produced in a carbon neutral factory, Kit & Kin nappies also now have a flash dry layer to instantly absorb and lock away wetness, keeping baby’s bottom comfortable.

Kit & Kin nappies contain no harsh chemicals and use gentle, super soft materials to help safeguard babies from sensitive skin problems like nappy rash.

Every product gives back through the Kit & Kin Foundation, helping to protect acres of threatened rainforest around the world and support women and children living in these areas with educational scholarships, family planning clinics and healthcare. We’ve already protected thousands of acres permanently and together we will be able to save even more.

Our judges said:

“We have used Kit and Kin’s super soft, FSC-certified and chemical free plant-based nappies and biodegradable wipes from the very start. I love that each purchase also goes to help protect the rainforest through the Kit & Kin Foundation, and supports the women and children living in these areas with educational scholarships, family planning clinics and healthcare.” Kelly Eastwood, @thelondonchatter, Sustainability Ambassador

“I used these with my second born and loved the design and the echo footprint.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

“Kit & Kin is taking over the eco-conscious space, with a full range of practical, sustainable and stylish products. Amazing!” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

BRONZE: Peachies

Peachies’ mission is to change the world, one poo at a time. Peachies nappies are not only kinder for baby but kinder to the planet too. Superior product quality, eco-conscious design and a supportive community are the three pillars of the business. Our differentiation stems from the materials we use and our direct to consumer service which leads us to save up to 93 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions per year. This has been verified by the EU’s Climate- KIC organisation.

With every pack sold a donation is made to families in need.

Some key information on the product:
100% totally Chlorine Free fluff pulp from sustainably managed forests
Plant-based PLA in the layers (compostable bioplastic derived from plant sugars)
Where plastic is used, Peachies chooses more efficient materials. For e.g. – the SAP (super absorbent polymer) in the absorbent pad is so efficient, that 20% less is used. These have a significant impact on CO2 emissions.
B-Corp Pending Status
Dermatest seal of approval: excellent rating on sensitive skin
Partnership with Save the Children to support families in the UK

Our judges said:

“A very important idea and well thought out and executed.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

“It’s great to have another sustainably focussed nappy brand joining the movement!” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

Best Changing Bag


Tiba + Marl launched in 2015 with the vision to introduce a cooler way to carry family essentials and during the last four years, the founders have been researching ways to become more planet friendly and eco-sensitive.

Carbon off-setting was the first step, with a portion of profits being donated to various worldwide projects to reduce CO2 emissions. Next was an overhaul of all packaging and labelling – all is now compostable and biodegradable.

The supply chain is small and in 2020 T+M introduced their first styles using 100% rPET recycled outer and lining materials, under their ECO line, the next step towards sourcing eco materials for the entire range.

All T+M printed bags and accessories are now crafted from 100% rPET (certified by the Global Recycled Standard) polyester – made from post consumer plastic waste and recycled yarn. The hunt for a good quality recycled faux leather is more challenging – but they now use a vegan material made from 58% recycled rPET materials. It is as durable, tactile and as aesthetically pleasing as the previous iteration, yet reduces the production of virgin raw materials and the consumption of water, energy and natural resources that could otherwise be destined for landfill or incineration.

Further to production, T+M now have an in-house ‘Repair Service’, so customers can send their T+M bags in to us for repair, this helps them last for as long as possible and supports circularity and sustainability. They also partner with several UK women and family Refuge charities, refugee charities and baby bank charities, where end of line stock, showroom samples and press samples are donated.

The Elwood Twin Backpack is a recent incarnation of the popular Elwood launched in 2015 and now comes with side pockets and double insulated bottle holders. It maintains its roots being unisex, modern and practical, large enough to fit a full day’s stuff and designed to last well beyond the baby days.

Our judges said:

“We love Tibi and Marl, especially their sustainably made leopard print buggy bag and XL tote (we never travel without it!). They also partner with Little Village, donating bags and accessories throughout the year.” Kelly Eastwood, @thelondonchatter, Sustainability Ambassador

“I love the stylish take on a nappy or parenting bag.  The the idea of being stylish but also being practical for all your parenting needs is sheer brilliance. The fact that they support and donate to charities and repair bags too is massively commendable in my book.  Well done!” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

SILVER: Finnsøn

Judges were impressed with the Finnsøn entry and its three pillars of sustainability: sustainable design, responsible production and return/reuse.

Each design is season-less, made well and built to last using sustainable or recycled materials wherever possible. With beliefs embedded in circular design and creating products using low impact materials and long-life durability, Finnsøn has crafted a range of bags and accessories from 100% recycled materials (excluding trims) using RPET recycled polyester. All recycled Polyester is certified and approved by GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and fabric and trims meet REACH standards meaning they are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. This cuts CO2 footprint dramatically.

The team implements a circular approach when it comes to packaging, which means using less packaging overall, and reducing single use plastic by using recyclable and reusable materials wherever possible. Labels are made from recycled paper and are FSC certified using responsibly managed forests where animals and plant life are protected. FSC also ensures socially responsible working conditions.

Their supply chain supports responsible & ethical production using recycled packaging and only producing what we need.

With a focus on durability, products are designed to have long lives, and customers are encouraged to reuse or return them to us so we can donate them to one of our partner charities.
They partner with Little Village HQ charity donating any returned bags, samples, or excess stock. Little Village is like a food bank but for clothes, toys and equipment for babies and children up to the age of five.

Our judges said:

“I like the look of this range and can see how it would really add to your wardrobe as a stylish accessory.  I think durability it key and it’s great to see the brand making this a priority.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

“Finnsøn is working hard to be the most sustainable and lasting nappy bag on the market, while showcasing fashion-forward accessories for parents who still want to be stylish when out and about.” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

Best Art & Craft/Party

GOLD: It’s Our Planet Too

It’s Our Planet Too is a children’s eco brand and a social enterprise with a vision for every child to believe that they have the power to protect our planet.

The recently launched eco-subscription box for children – a Tool Kit For Eco Heroes – is packed with hours of fun activities – including arts and crafts, science experiments, gardening, cooking – and designed to gently teach children about our environment.

Each of the monthly Tool Kits are themed around specific environmental issue or an endangered animal. Past themes have included; Our world is changing, Plastic isn’t fantastic, Terrific tigers and Awesome African elephants. The contents support the national curriculum.

The Tool Kits are 100% sustainable and plastic free and printed at a local independent eco printer on 100% recycled stock. Many of the tasks use materials already found in the home or even in the recycling box! Parents are emailed before each box is due for delivery to give them the chance to save the items that will be needed for each activity.

As a social venture and member of Social Enterprise UK, the brand is committed to giving back. Be it gently educating littles ones (and their families) to make a positive change for a greener future or supporting a charity that is close to their hearts. They commit to giving 50% of profits back to good causes.

Our most recent social impact survey suggested that over 80% of respondents were inspired to make small lifestyle changes after seeing our messages and over 70% had spoken to their children about the environment.

Our judges said:

“What an interesting and important idea. I love the whole concept and the message to share with my children here. They’ve always loved a box of crafting like this but this really take a different slide on what you see out there. I think its inventive and I look forward to exploring them more with my own kids.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

“Every element of It’s Our Planet Too has been carefully researched and produced and it’s also heartwarming that the brand is also a social enterprise, enabling more children to understand environmental issues in an enjoyable way.” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

SILVER: Craft & Crumb

Craft & Crumb was set up by two mums back in 2016, despairing at the party bags stuffed with sugar and plastic toys. These ‘treasures’ inevitably ended up in an enormous black bag a few days later when they had eaten it or were bored of it.

The first party bag was a simple kraft box containing biscuit mix and smarties and with the popularity of this, their range grew from biscuit and cupcake kits to other ‘fun with food’ kits. Now you’ll find popcorn kits and hot chocolate kits too.

Packaging and paper content including instructions, biscuit mix pouches, boxes and cases are all either kerbside recyclable, compostable and all FSC certified. Decorative icing pens and metal cutters are reusable. Food wastage is tackled by pre-weighing ingredients ensuring customers have all they need to bake some delicious goodies.

Craft & Crumb has embarked on its B Corp Certification journey in order to stand apart from others by showing our commitment to meeting the highest standards of social and environmental values.

Our judges said:

“Really love the bright packaging and the idea behind this.  The Mums behind this really got this right and it’s an issue that as parents I’m happy they have solved! What a win win situation for the typical party goodybag.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

“So happy to hear that B Corp Certification is on the horizon for Craft & Crumb. No parent wants a bag of plastic at the end of a party, and Craft & Crumb solve this problem in a fun and sustainable way.” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

BRONZE: Moo & Dot

Moo & Dot has created a line of reusable silicone colouring mats designed to allow children to get creative with colouring and art but without all the waste associated with traditional colouring books or doodling on paper.

Each set includes a colouring mat, set of 8 wipe clean pens and a canvas travel pouch. The mats fold small making them great for taking on holiday and days out.

Children can colour our mats using the pens provided, and once finished wipe clean to use again and again. Each mat features a design to be coloured on one side and the reverse is a blank canvas which can be used for doodling, playing games such as noughts and crosses and even homework.

Our mats come in a variety of designs that are created to not only be fun to colour but also to spark some conversation and learning in little minds.

Packaging is all recyclable or compostable currently with new packaging being created by a Carbon Balanced and FSC accredited UK based printer. Pens are all recyclable at any pen recycling point.

Moo & Dot also offers a recycling scheme whereby customers arrange to return their used colouring mats which will be cleaned and repackaged with a set of new pens and a new pouch and donate to our local children’s charities.

Our judges said:

“I love the fact that the mats are reusable and easy to travel with.  The thought behind how echo the pens and the themes behind some of the images really stood out to me.  I can see my kids using these happily.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

“Moo & Dot is a simple but lovely idea and perfect for taking days out, those long family lunches and holidays. We especially love the recycling element.” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

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