Emma Bunton on life, love and saving the planet

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emma with baby

As the co-Founder of eco-friendly family brand, Kit + Kin, Emma Bunton shares how her family has helped to shape her business.

Out of all The Spice Girls, it seems fitting that Baby Spice would go on to be the co-founder of an eco-nappy range which has moved into sustainable skincare, clothing and cleaning ranges. Kit + Kin’s recent move into eco-cleaning gives Victoria Evans the perfect opportunity to ask Emma about family life, Spice Girls Reunions and saving the planet.

Kit + Kin is now six! Tell us about the latest developments.

We’ve achieved so much! We have launched in over 30 different countries, won 55 industry awards, and helped so many parents switch to gentle and more sustainable solutions for their family. The strapline for Kit & Kin is ‘protecting your world naturally’ and that reflects our approach to everything we do.

We’ve recently just launched a plant-based refillable cleaning range, which I’m so proud of, as its entirely free from harsh chemicals. The range comes in beautifully designed bottles and refill pouches to save on unnecessary plastic, while the naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients ensure they are kinder to families and the planet. 

You’re clearly business savvy, but what made you choose skincare as a sector to build a business?

We actually started with sustainable eco nappies and biodegradable wipes, then developing a gorgeously natural skincare range for mother & baby, the cutest organic cotton babywear and now have just launched eco cleaning. 

It all started as my children had such sensitive skin when they were little and I found mainstream products seemed to aggravate it further. Becoming a mother made me think about the future much more, so I wanted to create gentle products that were also better for the environment. Our aim is to create products that parents can really trust; no long, confusing ingredients list, just simple products that are made using natural and sustainable ingredients & materials.

How much do you think customers have changed in their desire to be more sustainable during the last six years?

It’s so encouraging that there is so much more conversation and awareness about making more sustainable choices. We’re all busy parents which can make it difficult to prioritise sustainability, but I believe everyone is trying their best to be more mindful and less wasteful. It’s clear customers are actively seeking out and looking to switch to eco-friendly products, and even these simple swaps can make a real difference. 

How has parenthood shaped the decisions you make for Kit + Kin?

I’m extremely future focused and want to make decisions that protect the world our children will grow up in. I completely understand that all parents want is the best for their little ones, therefore everything we create is with this in mind. Everything we do at Kit & Kin is kinder to your family, kinder to the planet and gives back, as every product we sell protects acres of precious rainforests through our partnership with the World Land Trust.

I find it so incredibly rewarding knowing that what we offer at Kit & Kin makes parents’ lives that bit easier and helps look after the planet.

Who is better at household chores – you or Jade?

We each have our own little quirks around the house. Jade is quite meticulous, often cleaning up around us and is constantly tidying away, whereas I like to crack on and get stuff done. 

Do you get your children to do chores?

Absolutely! It’s important being part of a family that you work together as a team, and for the kids to learn life skills for their future too. 

What’s the secret to a successful relationship?

Love and laugher, and lots of it. 

What have you found the hardest about being a parent?

Knowing you can’t protect them forever from difficult things in the world. 

Emma Bunton with family
(c) Emma Bunton Instagram

What has been most rewarding about being a parent?

Seeing what amazing people my children are growing up to be. 

Does Girl Power mean the same to you now as it did when you were starting out with The Spice Girls?

The ethos behind ‘girl power’ remains the same, as it’s just so important for girls and women around the world to have the ability to reach their full potential. At Kit & Kin, we’re helping to fund educational scholarships, healthcare and family planning clinics in rural Guatemala through our partnership with the World Land Trust. It’s a project that I’m really passionate about and one where we can really make a difference to the lives of these women. 

Three words to describe yourself.

 Loyal, loving and indecisive!! 

This may be tricky but tell us one thing people don’t know about you.

 I’m very flexible and I love jellied eels!

(c) Emma Bunton Instagram

Where’s your dream date night?

Dinner at my favourite local restaurant and walking home on a beautiful evening.

Where’s the one place in London you’d always recommend friends with kids to go to?

A stroll down Southbank is always such an incredible experience, as you get to take in the London landmarks and watch incredible artists as you walk by. 

The last book you read?

 Jane Fallon’s Queen Bee.

Signature dish?

Jade is definitely the chef in our house, however I make a great pasta broccoli dish, which the kids absolutely love. 

What would you take to a desert island?

Sunscreen, a good book and enough ingredients to make a few good margaritas.

What’s your proudest moment?

Meeting my children for the first time. 

When will we see The Spice Girls back together?

I would love us to work together again soon. It’s one of my happy places, on stage with my girls! 

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