Art and Design at Eaton Square

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In recent years, the role of art and design education in primary schools has been underscored by a wealth of research, affirming its multifaceted benefits for young minds. The inclusion of art goes beyond mere creativity—it serves as a catalyst for cognitive development, academic achievement, and holistic growth, especially here at Eaton Square.

Numerous studies emphasise that art education enhances critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. Moreover, arts involvement has been linked to improved academic performance across subjects. At Eaton Square Prep School, The Director of Arts, Sabrina Tabuchi understands the significance of this research and collaborates with the entire school to deliver innovative lessons that leave a lasting impact on the pupils and the community.

Originality and innovation lie at the heart of Eaton Square’s approach to art education. Going beyond traditional mediums, the school embraces a multidisciplinary ethos, incorporating digital media, sculpture, and more. The emphasis is on cultivating each pupil’s unique artistic voice through a combination of choice-based learning and skill-building. Additionally, art is seamlessly integrated into the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), promoting a well-rounded educational experience.

Diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of Eaton Square’s art curriculum. By celebrating artists from various backgrounds and organising projects that highlight personalities from BAME communities, the school actively works to decolonize the curriculum. This commitment extends to community engagement, as the school collaborates with local institutions to showcase pupil talents, fostering connections, and pride within the community.

The positive impact of Eaton Square’s art education is tangible. Through whole-school projects, pupils express their thoughts on societal issues, encouraging dialogue, and positive change. The school’s engagement with the wider community, including support for Pimlico Puffins through charity activities and events, exemplifies the transformative power of art in fostering connections.

Beyond skill development, art serves as a therapeutic outlet at Eaton Square. The Listening Teacher (School Counsellor) provides a supportive space for pupils to express themselves creatively, contributing to their emotional wellbeing.

Eaton Square is not just an educational institution that achieves excellent academic results; it is a community that recognises the profound impact of art and design education on the holistic development of its pupils. The 2023 ISA Award for Excellence and Innovation in Art and Design is a testament to Eaton Square Prep School’s commitment to unlocking the potential of each pupil through the transformative power of art.

Want to find out more? Attend one of their Open Mornings, where you can meet staff, tour facilities, and discover what makes Eaton Square Prep School so special.

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