Dulwich Prep London

Post Code: SE21 7AA
London SE21 7AA, UK
020 8766 5525

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‘The School for Every Type of Boy’

Dulwich Prep London is an exceptional preparatory school for boys aged 3 to 13, with a co-educational Nursery. Situated on 29 acres, including extensive sports fields and woodland, the school offers a unique blend of a country atmosphere in a suburban setting.

The school places a strong emphasis on its distinctive Values ethos, based on the eight values of Love, Courage, Gratitude, Humility, Justice, Self-Discipline, Service and Honesty. These values are placed at the forefront of everything the school does.

Academic excellence is a top priority, supported by a metacognitive approach that teaches twelve essential skills for success in education and beyond (Excellent Learning Characteristics). Alongside the core values, these attributes empower boys to navigate life and thrive in any future they may encounter.

The co-curricular program is vibrant and diverse. Boys are encouraged to participate in various activities catering to their interests, whether related to music, art, sports, academics, adventure, energy, studiousness, creativity, or competition. The school offers competitive sports opportunities for all skill levels.

Dulwich Prep London provides a well-rounded education focusing on academic excellence, character development, and personal growth. It strives to nurture boys who are confident, compassionate, and prepared to impact the world positively.

Excitingly, the school recently announced that from September 2025, it would expand its provision for boys up to age 16 and GCSE, showing its firm commitment to boys’ education.

38-42 Alleyn Park

SE21 7AA


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