Halcyon London International School

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Seymour Place, London W1H 5AU, UK

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Halcyon International School is a leading International Baccalaureate day school for students (unisex) aged 11 to 18, and the only not-for-profit IB school in London.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional education that draws out the unique potential of each student. The school delivers MYP and IB programmes. The school achieved a 100% IB Diploma pass rate for 2022. The average score was 36 (international average is 32).

Students collaborate with teachers and their peers, achieving ambitious academic goals and confidently meeting high levels of personal growth.

Halcyon delivers a unique, research-driven approach to wellbeing. Students feel valued, confident and secure. 

We embed cutting-edge technology into learning. Our students are supremely well-prepared for the digital revolution of today and tomorrow.  

Find us in Marylebone, London. We pioneer education.

Our founders – parents themselves – recognise the need to use innovative teaching methods to empower our students in navigating a complex and changing world. Together, we craft opportunities for our students to be leaders, communicators and risk-takers. We equip them to build a uniquely impactful path in the future. 

Ready to reach success in the university- and career-readying IB Diploma Programme, our students enjoy a learning environment that demands inquiry, reflection, and collaboration. We prepare the next generation for the increasingly global future that awaits them. 

We are committed to pioneering education. 

This shared mission led our founders to seek an international school that was engaging and academically interdisciplinary: an environment that nurtures the voices of thriving global citizens. This, in turn, led to the founding of Halcyon. As the only not-for-profit IB school in London, Halcyon’s unique community tirelessly reflects on how to provide a life-changing education, going above and beyond in inspiring our students to discover their own unique potential.


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