Il Gufo

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Brompton Road, London SW3 2DY, UK

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Created in 1980 from a small family-run business, today Il Gufo is an international brand of children’s clothing, with its head office in Asolo and world-wide distribution through single-brand and multi-brand stores. The Il Gufo collections are present in the best department stores in Europe, Russia, the USA and Asia; in fact, the export turnover now accounts for 50% of total sales.

Despite this continuing growth, the company objective remains that of producing the best of Italian style, featuring high quality in every garment and meticulous craftsmanship in all phases of production. Such results can only be achieved through the passion we put into our work and respect for other people’s work, by selecting the best suppliers and ongoing research into style, fabrics and special production techniques.
The brand values are shared by those who project, manufacture, sell, and distribute the product, bearing in mind just one fundamental point, at all times: respecting children and their world.

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