St James Nursery School

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Earsby Street, London W14 8SH, UK

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St James Nursery School is part of St James Preparatory School, a hidden gem in Kensington Olympia, for boys and girls from 2-11.

Our Independent West London Nursery offers all pupils an inspirational and fun introduction to school life, through a balanced education where creativity, academic success and spiritual well-being walk hand-in-hand, helping your child discover their unique potential and exciting their interests.

This blend encourages an overall love of learning and peace of mind that will leave them with happy memories of their very first days at school.

Our Nursery offers a calm, steady and happy environment where the children will grow in confidence, are happy and at ease.

The large open plan layout provides a wonderful space to encourage children to try new tasks and take on new challenges, from mark making that develops early writing, to a creative station to encourage freedom of thought, or an investigation table to evoke the inner scientist.

We have also introduced tailored short-burst learning sessions, allowing children early access to phonics, maths and literacy skills.

Our dream room is a lovely oasis of calm where children can take naps and relax during the day.

The free flow to the outdoor area with a sandpit, mud kitchen, climbing equipment, water trays and scooters, allows the children to run, play and get muddy in the fresh air whatever the weather!

The Nursery has access to our Forest School in Marcus Garvey Park, in addition to specialist Performing Arts, Music and Language teaching. In keeping with the ethos of St James Schools, the children practise regular pauses or times of quiet throughout the day to promote their appreciation and understanding of mindfulness, as well as following a nutritious and healthy vegetarian diet.

To find out more about the Nursery School, contact our Registrar via [email protected] (020 7348 1793)  or book here to attend one of our weekly tours or Open Events.

Please watch our video here:

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