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What’s on this weekend? 

How’s this for a well-rounded Friday Five Roundup. We’ve squeezed in Dinosaurs, theatre shows and circus into our top five things to do this weekend in London. Enjoy!


Zoorassic park

Life-size animatronic dinosaurs are taking over Whipsnade Zoo with Zoorassic Park. You can even book an overnight Snorassic Sleepover if you dare.

Dino-loving kids can explore the immersive exhibition at the safari park, learn how the giant beasts moved and behaved and find out why they went extinct.

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Delight children with a history show that keeps in all the nasty bits with Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain – Part 5!

Meet some rude rulers and terrifying leaders from Britain’s barmy past. From the time of William the Conqueror to the Second World War and lots more, learn all about Britain’s grizzly history.

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The Wing Scuffle Spectacular

Journey into an immersive circus universe before watching daring acrobatics in The Wing Scuffle Spectacular.

The show is a celebration of fear by the Revel Puck Circus, who are on a mission to redefine the modern circus. Instead of hiding the fear that comes with daring moves and acrobatics, the show confronts, embraces and even laughs in the face of fear.

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Experience the UK’s first zero waste theatre with The Greenhouse Theatre Family Events at Canary Wharf.

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kids week

What better incentive to get the kids to the theatre this summer than with Kids Week, where one child goes free with each paying adult.

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Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill: the first choice school for international families in London



With 100% success on all exams and graduates admitted to the most prestigious and sought after universities in the world, Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill offers a perfect balance between academic rigour and innovation. Its guiding philosophy places the needs of each child at the heart of the educational experience, welcoming every student into a dynamic and caring international community. It’s no wonder it’s the first choice school of international families.

A remarkable 100% of our graduating class in 2021 passed with excellent marks. Our IB Diploma school’s average grade is 35.8/45 which is well above the world average of 33.02/45, and 88% of our French Baccalaureat students passed with honours including 43% with highest honours.

Below are a few messages the school received:

“We were thrilled by our daughter’s excellent results at the IB!! She has met her conditions for her first choice and we are so happy for her.Thank you again for all your support!” (LIL parent)

Thank you so much for your help throughout those two years for both my education and well-being!” (LIL student)

“Excellent results for our first cohort! They have set the bar high!” Our students can be proud of what they have accomplished!  (LIL teacher)

Unlike local schools taught in a single language that can tie students to a national curriculum and restrict their future options elsewhere, Lycée Churchill offers programs that open educational avenues. The school has also been classified as “outstanding” by Ofsted, Britain’s educational standards office, for secondary education and student wellbeing.

Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill is a co-ed independent non-selective bilingual school located on a leafy two-hectare campus in North London.  The school accommodates 850 students aged 3 to 18 and offers two bilingual programs, both aiming to develop every child into a forward-thinking, principled, and joyful world citizen.

Language immersion begins at 3 years old. Classes are taught jointly by native speakers of French and English, both present at all times — like two parents in a multilingual household. This more natural and organic approach to bilingualism is carried out by highly trained early learning specialists in a nurturing and family-like environment.

In the Primary section, instruction is half in English, half in French from Year 1/GSM to Year 6/CM2. Each class meets every day with French-speaking and English-speaking teachers, who coordinate as well with specialty teachers in subjects such as PE, language, and music.

In Secondary, families choose between the French bilingual program accredited by the Ministry of National Education, leading to the Baccalauréat, or an English-oriented track leading to the IB Diploma. The only constant is that education remains bilingual until the age of 18, steeped in the supportive atmosphere for which the Lycée is known.

With students from 45 countries and teachers of 29 different nationalities, the Lycée offers an international environment where the diversity of families from cultures around the world encourages dialogue. Its modern teaching ethos combines traditional disciplines with initiative, exploration, critical thinking, teamwork, and personal development.

Lycee Churchill takes full advantage of the latest educational technologies, which are thoughtfully and securely integrated into education and everyday school life. This solid digital foundation proved to be a major asset during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the Lycée pivoted seamlessly to online learning. The school now offers distance education programs and virtual classes for students joining our French programme leading to the Baccalauréat, a boon for families who are moving between assignments or looking for quality education from a remote setting.

To book a private visit, write to or alternatively, visit the school’s website at and register to attend  one of our next virtual  open day.


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Sophie Clowes steps into the wild to give us a taste of swimming outdoors, whatever the weather, wherever you are



Everybody seems to be doing it. Finding spots outside in rivers, lakes, lidos and the sea to take part in a bit of wild swimming. Sophie Clowes tells us how she got the bug, and shares some incredibly useful advice on kit, books and Instagram accounts to follow before you dip your toe in the water.


It is a rainy lunchtime on a school day. It is also May 2020, and the country is in tight lockdown. Our children are trying their best with school at home, as are we. We are all tired and fractious and it’s difficult to know quite how to arrange our thoughts, how to focus, how to be. So, we say to hell with it and go for a family swim in a downpour. In the Thames. We laugh and splash and shiver with unalloyed delight, retuning our senses and resetting our focus so we are ready for another afternoon of lonely grind.

A year later, no more than a week has gone by without one or more of us easing ourselves into the swirling water of a high tide and being taken downstream by the swooshing current, braving the cold in just our swimmers. A punctuation mark in the sentence of lockdown, we’ve swum against the flow, we’ve squealed at the cold, had a quick dip, gone miles, swum at dawn and dusk and all the daylight hours between, double dipped, made friends both human and feathered, watched the seasons change and felt the water temperature dip to 2.2*C from the 20+*C of the hot summer months. We have delighted in this pulsing watery artery that helps keep the heart of our wondrous capital beating fast.

Swimming is many things to many people but more than anything else it is redemptive. There is a time and a place for every type of swim, from a squad session in a chlorinated indoor pool to a floaty holiday dip in a warm, salty ocean. I have tried them all, indeed searched for swims wherever I have been in the world. And yet, all this time one of the best pools has been right on my doorstep and I didn’t know I could go in, outside an official swim.

Getting in the river is a simple pleasure that is different every single time. The tide and current generously swoosh us along, faster than I could go at full-stroke crawl. It’s a clearing of the mind, it’s physiological experimenting, it’s discovering my body can adapt to withstand an ice swim (any water below 5*C, apparently), it’s soul food, it’s literally immersing ourselves in nature. It’s family time – we usually swim breaststroke and have had wonderful chats and laughs as we float along. It’s the slow familiarity of the tide times and the lunar cycle. It’s the unexpected and welcome increase in constant core warmth out of the water. It’s the temporary stinging cold, the visceral feel of the after-drop when it is as if icy water is slipping down your body’s core – a not unpleasant feeling and one that is as surprising as it is fascinating, in a geeky way. Swimming in the river is also contradictory: cleansing yet dirty-ish, cold-making yet glow-giving, exhausting yet energising. It reflects all the whirling variants of life. It is joy.

Is it allowed? Isn’t it too dangerous? Isn’t it too dirty? I have thought long and hard about all of this and tend to keep quiet about our swimming unless specifically asked. However, in this wonky year, when our health, emotions and finances have been buffeted like never before, I have come to the conclusion that the wonders and restorative powers of this beautiful stretch of water should be shared, leaving people to draw their own conclusions.

Who owns the Thames? The Crown Estate owns the river bed and leases most of it to the Port of London Authority (PLA) which is responsible for the foreshore right up to the high water mark. And yes, just as rowing boats, kayaks and SUPs can use it, so can swimmers, provided you do so at your own risk, taking every precaution to keep safe.



Of course swimming in the river is dangerous but, with a bit of knowledge, many of those dangers can be mitigated. We have come up with our own set of family swim rules, alongside those of the RNLI… We always walk into the water from a set of steps or slipway and we never go in without a swimming hat on and wearing a tow float. These both have personal practical benefits but, above all, they show you are in the water deliberately and are visible to other river users. We have discovered that the best time to swim is either side of high tide, in the direction of the tide. You must know your exact exit point before you get in, plus a second one in case you miss the first (we haven’t yet). Keep close to the bank, never attempt to swim across the river and remember it is your responsibility to ensure other river users know you are there. You should also know the significance of the red and green buoys, and, therefore, which side of the river boats will be on. Rowers go backwards and, however silly you think you sound shouting, “Look ahead, eight, swimmer!”, it’s going to be less awkward than being hit by an oar. I do swim alone but I always have someone on the bank for reassurance.

Tide times shift by about an hour each day and I find elemental comfort in following the waxing and waning of the moon and a slow accrual of tidal knowledge. Swimming in the river is a choice and with it you must choose to politely sidestep the naysayers and, in my case, the mansplainers. For that’s another joy of river swimming – it is there for everyone and is wonderfully equalizing. Which fits very neatly with a quote I found about equality itself, most notably used by JFK, “Equality is a rising tide that lifts all boats.” Oh, how I like that.

‘Ugh, it’s filthy!’ This is the one element that I waver on. Only once have I got in and thought that it wasn’t as clean as it should be. In reality, the water mostly feels cold and velvety and there is very little rubbish – it is fallen leaves or fishy tickles that make me jump.

What’s the worst that has happened? Well, I got out one day and felt a wriggling in my cleavage. I pulled my cossie away from my chest and found that I had actually caught a teeny tiny fish! Did I squeal? Of course I did! Did my children exit the river faster than ever? Yup! I flipped it out and it swam away…

We try not to put our heads under but on a hot sunny day we do. At a time of fear and uncertainty the ebb and flow of the river is a comforting salve, for nature continues on her merry way, changing her clothing with the seasons and the certainty that the blossom and green shoots will come again and that the ducklings and goslings will hatch is of great comfort.

Every swim is a little adventure that is full of beauty. Some days it’s choppy and feels like a sea swim, other days it’s like glass and you swim into the reflection. Often it feels like we slough off the day’s woes and come out of the river reborn in some way. There is something spiritual about being held by the water and there is thinking time on a swim. It is a physical and meditative practice with therapeutic qualities; less so with our children, of course, with whom it is a noisier, funnier affair. No two swims are ever the same, which in times of drudgery and monotony is an opportunistic pleasure that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. You never regret a swim, especially a lunchtime one in the pouring rain.

London swim spots

Please respect and protect your swim environment and know that you enter at your own risk. Please also be aware that lidos, lakes and pools might have number and time restrictions due to Covid.

The Thames. We have never swum further east than Dove Pier or further west than Strand-on-the-Green. Please be aware that there are sewage dumps in the Thames. Information is available online and rivers users are advised to wait at least three tides for the pollution to clear.

The Serpentine – membership to swim year round in the early morning, including the famous Christmas Day swim; pay as you go in the summer months. This is the oldest outdoor swimming club in Britain (

Hampstead Ponds (

Docklands (

Hillingdon Lido (

Brockwell Lido (

Park Road Lido, Crouch End (

Shepperton –specific days only (

Hampton outdoor pool (


Tow float – a 20lt one is perfect for your own kit, 28lt if you’ve got to take your children’s stuff, too, or if your mission involves snacks! Swim Secure is a great brand.

Phone cover – Swim Secure again. I’ve never tested it outside of my tow float.

Shoes – for river swimming I can’t recommend Hot Tuna shoes from Sports Direct highly enough. You can’t feel you’re wearing them but you can put your feet down without suffering a case of the scaries and you can walk quite far in them too. All for a tenner. They won’t keep your feet warm – for that you need neoprene booties.

Gloves – 3ml neoprene gloves will save you from frostnip in the colder months and help you stay in longer.

Swim hat – for visibility above all else. Silicone ones will keep you warmer and are less hairpullingly sticky. Zogs, Arena or Speedo are the regular makes. Or, for some floral frippery, try a retro one such as FineSaratoga on Etsy.

Hammam towel – lightweight, pretty, and wearable, too, they also make an excellent rug or changing mat and dry superfast in the sun. Try Dar Leone ( or Bohemia (

Body glide – excellent for preventing wetsuit chafing.

Wetsuit – Fit is everything with a wetsuit. Go to a real-life specialist shop: try Sigma Sports in Hampton Wick or Ocean Leisure at the bottom of Northumberland Avenue. Good brands are Zone 3, Huub or Orca. (They are not cheap. They are cheap next to the price of a road bike.) It will feel like it is sucking the life out of you but once in the water your fears of having bought a too-small one will evaporate. Wetsuit technology is hugely advanced but these are for crawl only – you will damage your knees if you try to swim breaststroke in a hi-tech tri wetsuit.

For growing kids, ask friends for hand-me-downs. Otherwise, C-skins is an excellent make and will keep little bodies warm and buoyant.

Costumes – My 14-year-old utilitarian Speedo costume is still going strong! It goes in the river, the sea, a chlorinated pool and in the washing machine, it dries in the sun or on the radiator, hasn’t bagged, shrunk or thinned. It doesn’t give me a hungry bottom, is long enough in the torso, high enough on the legs and fits under a wetsuit with ease. But, frankly, I’d love something a little more whimsy without forfeiting the performance element. The hunt is on. You can spend anything from £20 to £220, neither guaranteeing a suit that will last more than a summer but here’s where to look…

Louise Mischa on (bet you get distracted…)


Sports Direct

Books and films

Leap in by Alexandra Heminsley. Her description of learning to breathe correctly in the water by watching her young nephew blowing raspberries with his food is technically spot on!

I am an island by Tamsin Calidas. This is extremely raw but beautiful writing.

My Octopus Teacher – this Oscar-winning documentary touches yet again on the redemptive power of cold water. And has an underwater chase scene to rival Bond.













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What’s on this weekend? 

Looking to entertain a budding engineer, driver or splish-splash money maker? This week’s Friday FIVE is just for you! Read on to see the coolest  family activities that London has to offer. 


IET Engineering open house day

Inspire your young scientists at the virtual Engineering Open House Day from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Find out more




Cool off in the paddling pool, enjoy storytelling, crafts and bubble shows then get soaked in the splash zone with Splash at the London Museum of Water and Steam.

Find out more




Go Green at the London Transport Museum Depot, Acton Town

The London Transport Museum Depot in Acton Town, west London, will also be throwing open its doors for families to explore on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 August and between Wednesday 11 to Sunday 15 August.

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Get rich quick when you make your own currency at the Money Machine Family Day in the Serpentine Pavilion.

Working with artists, families can design and print their own personal currency. Children will also learn how to use a risograph printing press to duplicate their design. They can then trade their money with other children in the Money Exchange Centre.

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Step inside a painting at Van Gogh Alive, an immersive multi-sensory art exhibition in Kensington Gardens. 

This summer, the acclaimed exhibition comes to London having already toured 65 cities worldwide, with a  four month run in a purpose-built park venue opposite the Royal Albert Hall.

Find out more


For more things to do this weekend and beyond check out City Kids’ What’s On here




Image: Jakayla Toney

The City Kids guide to Football Clubs and Classes in London


Football fever will hit new heights in England as even those usually not interested will be glued to the box on Sunday night. As with all feel-good sporting occasions, there’s usually an upsurge in interest from parents and kids after the event, so we’ve put together a guide to football clubs and classes for kids in London. Some start for little ones as young as 18 months, while others offer those who already have silky skills the knowledge and expertise to take their game to the next level.




Twickenham, Teddington, Richmond, Brentford, Kensington, Kilburn, Stratford, Hackney, Stoke Newington, Leyton



From 18m

Enfield, Winchmore Hill, Southgate, Cockfosters, Barnet and Whetstone



From 18m




From 18m





Lammas Park, Ealing



Regular training, girls only, fitness, goalkeeping skills and holiday camps


Dulwich & Bromley




Battersea, Chelsea, Fulham, Haggerston, Kings Cross, Hammersmith, London Bridge, Marylebone, Roehampton, Southfields, Wandsworth, Waterloo, Peckham, Shepherds Bush, Acton.



1 to 1 training for beginners or those wanting to improve their game.

Various locations



Weekly classes and holiday clubs.

18m to 6yrs

Clissold Park



Girls football from 4-8yrs, boys football 5-11yrs.

Colliers Wood, Tooting



Boys and girls 3-14yrs, holiday camps and 1 to 1 training.

Primrose Hill



Pathway to professional football. Ex-Premier League players part of the set up. Trial required.



Holiday clubs/soccer schools and weekly clinics for all abilities, plus player pathway to academy level.



Holiday soccer schools for 3-14yrs, weekly schools for girls and boys aged 5-11yrs, girls only 7-11yrs and mini superstars 3-4yrs.

Shepherds Bush, Hayes



Holiday camps 3-14yrs, weekly clubs for boys and girls.

Bishops Park, Kingston, Epsom



4-12yrs mixed ability

Twickenham, Richmond, Chiswick, Isleworth, Heston, Hounslow, Kingston, Sunbury, Hayes, Southall, Osterley




The City Kids Mini Guide to Education in Surrey


Image: Frensham Heights School

In our second look at life outside London, we head to Surrey. For the purposes of our mini guide to education in Surrey, we’ll be looking beyond London outskirts, into the heart of the county, so you won’t find Richmond, Kingston or nearby within this guide. But with some pretty market towns, great transport connections and wonderful schools you’ll be hard pressed to make a decision on where to visit first.

Where to Live

Surrey is an easy move out of town if you already live in South and South West London. The Sunday Times named Surrey Hills as the best place to live in the SE in early 2021 with property editor Helen Davies commenting,”With miles of ancient woodlands, panoramic views and timeless, picture-perfect villages such as Tilford, Shere and Abinger Hammer, life in the Surrey Hills is a gloriously romantic rural idyll – and it’s all within commuting distance of London.” Commuting is easy with trains from Surrey almost all under one hour to Waterloo, London Victoria and London Bridge.  There’s also the Thames Link to Blackfriars, Farringdon and St Pancras from Redhill. Some lines (Dorking) aren’t as quick as the others, and be mindful of Heathrow and Gatwick flight paths. Schools, both state private are plentiful.


With its own cathedral, this city has history in abundance including a castle whose Great Tower offers great views across the county. The train takes 40 minutes to Waterloo and Victoria and you’ll happily get to London in half an hour by car. The historic High Street boasts a mix of independent and national stores, plus a regular farmers’ market on Tuesdays. On the outskirts of town you’ll find Surrey Sports Park with facilities for netball, football, swimming, squash and a climbing wall. Schools of note include the Royal Grammar School for boys, Tormead and St Catherine’s for girls. The state school offering is also good, with Pewley Down  and Stoughton being of note (OFSTED outstanding).


A range of property type and price, good schools and pretty countryside make Dorking ever popular. Denbies wine estate is round the corner for tasting, buying and soaking up the views. There’s also the South Street Caves, a series of tunnels under the town, dug in the 17th century. If you’re after a good pub, try The Running Horses in nearby Mickleham. Train times to London are slightly longer (one hour). One of town’s most famous residents is the Dorking Cock.


There are schools-a-plenty in Leatherhead, many of which are outstanding. It’s well connected by road and rail to Victoria and Waterloo in under an hour. Chessington World of Adventures is down the road but if you’re more of the arty type you’re in luck with several galleries and arts festivals in the town. And don’t miss Beaverbrook. Former home to Lord Beaverbrook is now a boutique hotel with a Japanese restaurant to die for.


Home to world-famous Charterhouse, Godalming is also a very pretty, historic town with records going back to Roman times. It’s surrounded by beautiful countryside and boasts some great pubs like The Inn on the Lake. The Yard Market is a great shopping spot for unique finds and for supporting small local businesses. Fastest trains to Waterloo in 39 minutes.


With fast trains to London, this is a commuter’s dream. But there’s more to Woking than you think. Local markets, a bustling town centre, a relaxing canal and Horsell Common ensure there’s enough for busy bees and those who want a slower pace. One of the greenest buildings in the UK houses WWF Living Planet Centre sharing knowledge on  forests, fresh water, wildlife and oceans.


This town mixes river life with cafe culture, pubs and history. The birthplace of British motorsport in Brooklands, National Trust walks, humungous houses on St George’s Hill, and quality restaurants and cafes mean this is a popular spot for London leavers. For family days out try Crockford Bridge Farm.


Dating back to the Middle Ages, Farnham also has remains of Stone Age, Roman and Saxon dwellings. There is a range of indie boutiques as well as recognisable high street names alongside pubs, cafes and restaurant chains. Trains take under an hour to Waterloo.


Things to do in Surrey

Cycling – Box Hill was firmly put on the map after London 2021 –  and golf are very popular with plenty of routes and courses across the county. And there are beautiful parks to spend some time outdoors including Polesden Lacey, Loseley Park, RHS Wisley, Clandon Park, Virginia Water.

Frensham Ponds is also a popular destination, particularly on hot days for a dip. Check the water quality before you go.

Horse racing at Sandown, Kempton Park and Epsom through the summer months is fun, and keep an eye out for family race days which provide lots of entertainment for the little ones.

Chessington and Thorpe Park both fall within Surrey’s boundaries

Bockett’s Farm has been a firm CK favourite for years, and you can happily spend the day there, rain or shine.


Education in Surrey



South Farnham School, South Farnham
New Haw Community Junior School, Addlestone
St Dunstan’s Catholic Primary School, Woking
St Alban’s Catholic Primary School, East Molesey
The Raleigh School, West Horsley
Wonersh and Shamley Green CofE Aided Primary School, Guildford
Wallace Fields Junior School, Ewell
St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Dorking
Town Farm Primary School & Nursery, Stanwell
St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School, Frimley


St John the Baptist Catholic Comprehensive School, Kingfield
St Peter’s Catholic School, Guildford
Salesian School, Chertsey
Rosebery School, Epsom
All Hallows Catholic School, Farnham
Gordon’s School, West End
Weydon School, Farnham
St Andrew’s Catholic School, Leatherhead
Heathside School, Weybridge
St Bede’s School, Redhill

Independent Schools

Surrey is blessed with some outstanding private schools. We’ve picked some for our mini guide that have caught our eye recently. For in-depth reviews and information The Good Schools Guide has the inside track.

Pre-prep & Prep

Frensham Heights – 3-18 yrs, day and boarding

Frensham Heights Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 4EA

+44 (0) 1252 792 561

Find out more about the ethos and facilities at Frensham Heights School here.


Aldro School – Boys 7-13yrs day & boarding (girls will be admitted from September 2021)
Shackleford, Godalming, GU8 6AS
01483 810266

Claremont Fan Court School – co-ed 2-18yrs, day
Esher, KT10 9LY
01372 473780

Cranleigh Preparatory School – co-ed 7-13yrs day & boarding
Horseshoe Lane, Cranleigh, GU6 8QH
01483 542 058

Danes Hill School – co-ed 3-13yrs, day
Leatherhead Road, Oxshott, KT22 0JG
01372 842509

Downsend School – co-ed, 3-13yrs, day
1 Leatherhead Road, Leatherhead KT22 8TJ
01372 372197

Edgeborough – co-ed 2-13yrs, day & boarding
Frensham, Farnham, GU10 3AH
01252 792495

Feltonfleet School – co-ed 7-13 yrs (plus nursery and pre-prep) day & boarding
Byfleet Road, Cobham, KT11 1DR
01932 862264

Parkside School – boys 7-13yrs, day
The Manor, Stoke d’Abernon, KT11 3PX
01932 862749

Notre Dame Prep School – girls 4-11yrs, day
Burwood House , Convent Lane, KT11 1HA
01932 869990

St Catherine’s, Bramley – girls 4-11yrs, day & boarding
Station Road, Bramley, GU5 0DF
01483 893363

St George’s Junior School – co-ed 4-11yrs, day
Thames Street , Weybridge, KT13 8NL
01932 839400

Woodcote House School – boys 7-13yrs, day & boarding
Windlesham, GU20 6PF
01276 472 115


ACS International, Cobham – co-ed day 2-18yrs, day & boarding
Portsmouth Road, KT11 1BL
01923 867 251

Charterhouse – co-ed 13-18yrs, boarding
Hurtmore Road, Godalming, GU7 2DX
01483 291500

Cranleigh School – co-ed 13-18yrs day & boarding
Horseshoe Lane, Cranleigh, GU6 8QH
01483 542 058

Notre Dame Senior School – girls 11-18yrs, day
Burwood House , Convent Lane, KT11 1HA
01932 869990

Reed’s School – boys 11-18yrs, co-ed 6th form, day & boarding
Sandy Lane, Cobham, KT11 2ES
01932 869044

Royal Grammar School – boys 11-18yrs, day
High Street, GU1 3BB
01483 880600

St Catherine’s, Bramley – girls 11-18yrs, day & boarding
Station Road, Bramley, GU5 0DF
01483 893363

St John’s School – co-ed 11-18yrs, day & boarding
Epsom Road, Leatherhead, KT22 8SP
01372 373000

Sutton High School GDST – girls 11-18yrs, day
55 Cheam Road, SM1 2AX
020 8642 0594

TASIS, The American School in England – co-ed 3-18yrs
Coldharbour Lane, Thorpe, TW20 8TE
01932 565 252

Tormead School – girls 11-18yrs, day
Cranley Road, Guildford, GU1 2JD
01483 575101

Useful resources:


*Top 10 rated state schools by The Real Schools Guide in 2020.

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Summer Holiday Clubs


Rock 'n' Roll Recruits


It has certainly been a challenging year for kids – well 16 long months to be exact – least of all with activities, hobbies and socialising being repeatedly put on hold. But, school is nearly out for the summer, and with it a chance for children to let loose, catch up with the activities they love or even try something new. Here are some of our favourite summer holiday clubs and camps to keep them entertained (and give you a well-deserved break).




From courses in musical theatre and West End choreography to drama and filmmaking, ArtsEd Drama School has over 30 courses on offer for young creatives.


4-17+ yrs



Make a movie at this action-packed filmmaking camp. Children will learn new skills behind and on camera as they produce, direct and star in their own film.

Balham, Chiswick, Dulwich, Hampstead, Highgate, Islington, Kensington, Walthamstow, Wandsworth, Wimbledon

5-18 yrs 



Children take centre stage at this iconic theatre school. Week-long musical theatre courses, where children dance, act and sing in preparation for a weekend performance.

Marble Arch

10-18 yrs



With weekly themes ranging from rock & roll to Disney movies, dance classes combine ballet, tap and street dance with singing, drama and crafts.

Ealing, Finchley

6-12 yrs



Why not let them join a band this summer? Catering to all musical abilities and instruments, the boot camp’s grand finale will be a public show to showcase the children’s efforts.








Experiment with the latest technology with classes in artificial intelligence, game design, coding and virtual reality.

Get £25 off using code: CK25.

Chelsea, South Hampstead

8-17 yrs



How about a summer full of creative coding and hands-on robotics? There are also game and app design classes for budding digital designers.

Notting Hill

5-14 yrs



Packed full of hands-on activities, camps are a mix of education, fun and lots of science experiments – both inside and outdoors – designed to unleash your child’s inner scientist.

Various locations across London.

5-12 yrs



For tech-savvy kids, there are courses in robotics, coding, STEM and maths as well as chess classes.





Hands-on science club where future scientists can learn and experiment to their heart’s content.

South Kensington

4-12 yrs





Get them in the pool this summer, where they will learn the techniques and habits of the best swimmers in the world, with each session focussing on a different stroke.


7 yrs +



Let them burn off all that holiday energy at this multi-activity sports camp, with 11 London venues to choose from. Some locations even offer specialist courses such as Chelsea FC football camps, cooking school and LEGO Play.

Blackheath, Streatham, Kensington, Hampstead, Ealing, Pimlico, Knightsbridge, Putney, Catford, Hammersmith, Chelsea

4-12 yrs



 Children will learn the basics of skateboarding and pick up some gnarly ramp tricks sure to impress their friends, all in a fun and safe environment.

Acton, Notting Hill

6-16 yrs (for Acton) (for Notting Hill)



High-energy multi-sports camp, with an emphasis on having fun, building confidence and teamwork.

4-12 yrs

Wimbledon, Wandsworth, Earlsfield



Open to non-members for holiday camps, adventure-themed sessions combine games and creative play with gymnastics.

Chiswick, Hampton & Teddington, Wandsworth & Fulham, Westfield White City

3-12 yrs






Help them escape the city to the wilderness. From lighting fires and sleeping under the stars, to following animal tracks and learning water purification techniques, children can unlock their inner explorer and go wild in nature.

Oxfordshire, Kent, Hertfordshire

8-14 yrs



If you fancy a camp with a bit of history, try this one at the school where Camp Beaumont hosted its first ever multi-activity camp 40 years ago – St John’s Beaumont.  Expect heaps of outdoor activities, swimming, climbing, craft, wellbeing and much more.

3-16 yrs



How about spending the whole day in a secret woodland hideout? Build dens, hunt for mini beasts and climb trees. Sounds like a kid’s dream!

Muswell Hill, Wimbledon, Highgate

5-11 yrs



Mini explorers can run, climb, build and let their imagination run wild. All locations are in forest settings with a focus on nature and play.

Fulham, Chiswick, Putney, Wandsworth, Twickenham, Wimbledon

3-7 yrs



If your child would like to have a go at some outdoor water sports, Camp Phoenix offers kayaking, canoeing and sailing courses.

Welsh Harp Reservoir, Hendon

9 -16 yrs






Life skills that promote social & emotional wellbeing and dynamic thinking, helping young people to thrive in life; both at home and in their future workplace.

In-person at Chelsea Academy or online.

From 5-13yrs in different, age appropriate classes.



Children learn Mandarin through fun activities, music, art and theatre, while also introducing them to Chinese culture.

Kensington, Kingston, Islington, Greenwich

3-10 yrs



For something a little different, help your child get an early insight into different careers while learning IT and public speaking skills. A wide variety of careers, such as architect, barrister, sports coach and even YouTuber, will be covered.


5-12 yrs



Fast track your child’s language skills at this immersive French course, with lots of continental fun and activities to enjoy.


4-15 yrs



Hone their creative writing skills at these workshops led by children’s authors. Teachers will mentor your child and help them explore new ideas, all while improving their writing through creative activities.

Notting Hill

6-12 yrs


For more things to do this summer why not browse our extensive What’s On guide>>>>




We’ve rounded up five of the best things to do on and around Easter Weekend – other than eat chocolate (of course). Parents, ditch the devices and get stuck in too, this one’s a true family affair. 


Enjoy some sweet treats while keeping the kids active this Easter with London City Island’s outdoor chocolate treasure hunt.

Find out more here















Get back to nature and connect with loved ones with a self-led Easter trail in Chelsea Physic Garden. The trail, which celebrates gardens and nature, will lead you around the 4-acre grounds. And you will discover all about the amazing world of plants at London’s oldest botanic garden. 

Find out more here



oldilocks and the 3 bears

Set off on a virtual adventure to the woods and watch a funny take on a classic tale with Oldilocks and the 3 bears, streaming live with Norden Farm arts centre.

Find out more here




Enjoy the spring air and some interactive Easter activities with Virtual Discovery Weeks: Egg-citing Easter. 

The free Royal Parks event runs over two weeks and is jam packed with activities – both online and outdoors.  

Find out more here



Easter Lindt GOLD BUNNY HuntCelebrate the arrival of spring with the Easter Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt at Hampton Court Palace.

Discover famous historical characters when you join in the hunt around the palace gardens. Using a trail map, solve the clues to find the Lindt gold bunny statues. Explorers who find all the bunnies will win a chocolate reward and bunny ears.


Find out more here


For more great ideas for the rest of April (and beyond) do head over to our What’s On page. It’s filled to the brim with genius ideas to keep babies, toddlers and kids of all ages entertained. 


Looking for extra curricular classes and camps – there may be some places left, check out our Easter camps roundup here


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Discover Frensham Heights



Frensham Heights is a highly distinctive school in a world of educational conformity. We welcome students from the age of 3 to 18 (boarders from age 11) and we give them the tools and importantly, the confidence and self-belief to succeed in their education and in life, helping them to extend their abilities and exceed their own expectations.

Founded in 1925, we are today one of the most successful progressive schools in the UK, with 42% A*/A grades (15% A* alone) achieved at A Level and 43% Grades 9-7 at GCSE in 2020. Our Junior School is equally successful, giving children a secure and happy learning environment as well as access to extensive facilities and stunning grounds rarely seen in a prep school.




But a Frensham education is much, much more than just following the curriculum and sitting tests or exams. We will stretch your children, but we will also support them simply to be the very best version of themselves that they can be. We will feed their imaginations, expect them to ask questions, listen to them, encourage them to pursue their own answers and help them to grow into confident, generous, and happy young adults.



The magic that is Frensham is hard to put into words. We allow children simply to be children and allow them to stay that way for as long as they want. We accept that sometimes they get it wrong and work with them to help them make better choices next time. We value and encourage individuality – it is what makes Frensham so special.

To find out more, look at or email to arrange a visit.





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Ripple Learning powers positive social change through its private tuition programme



The upheaval of the last year has had a profound effect on children’s learning. Whilst we are all relieved to return to some semblance of normality, we know that getting their child’s education back on track is a priority for most parents.

But how can we ensure that we’re supporting students to achieve their true potential whilst also maintaining compassion and empathy for what they have been through – aiming to cultivate their curiosity, rather than stifle it in the bid to getting them back on track?

Ripple Learning was created with this in mind.

Ripple’s founder, Jamie Sayer, was Head of Client Services at a West London private tuition agency when the pandemic began last year.

“It was unsurprisingly a turbulent time. Not only did we have to move tutors and students to online learning as seamlessly as possible, but exams were in flux across the board – so we made sure to be on hand to help parents navigate the changing situation.

While challenging, it was really rewarding to see it pay off – the kids were brilliant in the resilience they showed, and the parents were very grateful for how it all turned out.”

Unfortunately not everyone fared quite as well, and it has been well-documented that the pandemic has disproportionately affected the attainment of low-income students. Jamie wanted to use his experience in the sector to deliver high-quality, inspiring private tuition which could also make a positive social impact.

Ripple Learning is therefore a private tuition company with a bold and unique difference: we donate 40% of profit to charities working with low-income students in the UK. In doing so, we hope that our reach – a reach that all of our parents, students, and tutors contribute to – can extend far beyond the students directly in front of us.

Our mission has attracted applications from an array of highly qualified tutors and teachers who want to contribute to the cause. We have therefore had the freedom to be very selective about our tutors and to pass on that quality and choice to our clients.

“I wanted Ripple’s approach to be one of compassion, understanding and empathy – as a tutor myself, I know that by understanding a child’s personality and learning style we can match them to the tutor who will bring out the best in them”.

We work closely with parent and tutor from the outset, so that we can create a bespoke learning plan for each child. We emphasise the importance of curiosity and critical thinking, while also working in unison towards the next milestone – whether that’s GCSEs, A Levels or selective school entrance exams like the 11+.

Ripple is booking now for 1-to-1 tuition over Summer, with tutors also booking up quickly for the new academic year in September. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your child’s needs and see how we can help!


And to ensure that you are entirely happy with the tutor we match you with – the first session is free.

To book contact:

07723 214148




A slice of citrus to brighten your day!



When life gives you lemons


When life gives you lemons, so the saying goes….but there’s also nothing quite as summery as this sunshine yellow fruit. Trending this summer we’ve have lemon lights, lemon inspired wallpaper and some cute plush toys for the kids.


Lemon Umbrella, £16, by Bobby Rabbit,

Mini Rodini Leggings cherry lemonade, €35, by Villa Smalland,

RiceLemon Soft Toy, £14.5, by Bobby Rabbit,


Trinkflasche Gerry Lemon, by Wayfair,

Lemon and Leaf LED String Light, 3m, £18.00, £18, by The Contemporary Home,

Jellycat Large Amuseable Lemon, $39.99, by Yellow Octopus,


Summer Meadow wallpaper in Lemon, £69, by Fiona Howard Ltd,

When Life Gives You Lemons Limited Edition Print – Charlotte Posner, £65, by Lime Lace,



Feeling summery? Click here for more sunshine>>>>


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Travel Essentials for Babies and Kids



Family travel essentials for kids are exactly that: essential! Forget those key items that help keep the peace, mop up spills and allow for on-the-go toilet breaks and your trip could turn from a relatively (disclaimer alert!) relaxing success story to a blood pressure soaring fail. Apart from Calpol and Sudocrem (don’t forget those!) these are our favourite travel companions for a streamlined A to B.


You’ll never regret packing a large muslin! Great as a blanket, a sun shade, an impromptu towel or for making camps with.



Cotton muslin blanket, £19.99, H&M


If you’re on the road or camping, this disposable potty will be a lifesaver. Great for number ones and twos, on-the-go and no need to add to land fill with a plastic version.


Hippychick Tron Disposable Potty, £8 (for a pack of 3), Hippychick


Wipes on a journey with kids are definitely an essential! These biodegradable ones packed with soothing Aloe Vera are great.

Beaming Baby Baby Wipes 72 wipes



Keep them busy with their own themed activity pouches. You can buy them individually or as bundles for more family members and friends.



My Busy Bots Activity Pouches (3 packs), £26.99, My Busy Bots


This soft, flexible baby carrier takes up less room and is great for keeping your hands free on long walks. Suitable from birth and comes in a larger toddler size too.

Tula Linen Explore Baby Carrier Mesa,  £154.90, Tula


When you get to your destination a large roll of reusable bamboo fabric wipes is great idea. Soak with water or your favourite cleanser or cleansing water for a brilliant eco friendly wipe option.

The Cheeky Panda Multi Purpose Reusable Bamboo Dry Wipes Rolls, £3.99


Stickers are a great way of keeping kids calm and quiet in the back. We love this travel themed set from Usborne.



Travel Sticker Book, Usborne, £6.09


A cute metal tin containing magnetic figures and their suitcases who can be arranged on the friezes inside the box.

PETIT COLLAGE Little Travellers Magnetic Play Set, £12.00, A Little Find

Oil pastels are a fantastic, less mess high pigment way for kids to scribble and draw on a trip! Perfect for drawing on stones too. We’ve tried!


Oil Pastels Set of 48, £17.95, Liberty

Never underestimate how much room you’ll need for shampoos, sun cream and  calpol etc! This set of 4 wash bags in a handy carry case that can also be filled up are great!

Sunny Life Bloom Travel Bags – Set of 4, £35, Amara


Transform new rooms and tents into fun and friendly spaces with this cool projecting storybook torch!


Moulin Roty Storybook Torch, £13, Kidly


Give them their own suitcase for sense of independence and to create their own play zone wherever they go.



Olli Ella See-Ya Suitcase, £79.90, The Modern Nursery


A lovely set of baby travel toiletries that won’t take up too much room. The cleansing water is great for freshening up and using on dry wipes.



Shea Baby Travel Essentials, £18.50,  L’Occitane


A handy organiser to hang over the back of your car seat and keep everything the little ones need in easy reach. Brilliant!

Travel Car Organiser, £29.99, Zara

Need suncream? Click here for our edit>>>>




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RoosterMoney: Great summer offer with The Pocket Money App and Kids Debit Card




Do you need to get pocket money sorted? Want to teach your children that money doesn’t grow on trees? Need some help to get organised? Introducing RoosterMoney, the pocket money app and debit card designed to teach your kids the value of money in a digital age. Read on to see how you can earn your kids an extra £5 pocket money!

Simple and effective, RoosterMoney brings to life all the sound traditional financial principles we were brought up with (or wish we were!) and makes managing money relevant and smart.

You can either use the RoosterMoney app as a virtual pocket money tracker for free, or you can upgrade and let your children spend their pocket money in the real world with The Rooster Card.


The Rooster Card is the next step towards independent money management for your kids. A prepaid Visa debit card designed 100% with children in mind. So parents can hand over independence, whilst maintaining peace of mind with unique parental controls over where and what they spend. And with no overdraft, there’s no overspending, just building good habits.



The Rooster Card costs £24.99, but using our referral code CITY5 you’ll also get a £5 pocket money bonus after your free trial. Sign up here.

Key features include:

● Parent Account with sort code & account number – so you can set aside your kids’ pocket money, and family & friends can pay into the account

● Prepaid Visa debit card – so your kids can make considered spending choices in the real world

● No overdraft – so no risk of overspending

● You decide where it can be used – in shops, online or at ATMs

● Instant spending notifications – for you and your children

● One-time CVV – making it a more secure card for online transactions

● Freeze & unfreeze card instantly – for those ‘where’s my card?’ moments


Remember to use referral code CITY5 to get a £5 pocket money bonus after your free trial, sign up here.



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Win a SnuzPod4

To celebrate the importance of a good night’s sleep, we’ve teamed up with Snüz, the brand committed to ensuring parents never need to take crazy measures to get their little one to sleep. Read on for details on how to win a SnuzPod4 worth £199.95!



Leaving those late night drives in the past, the winning bed side crib has innovative features including revolutionary new ComfortAir breathable system, as well as a mattress, complete with a breathable 3D mesh cover for enhanced comfort and support. The dual-view mesh windows and a new zip-down wall for bedside use, allows wall-down use overnight, keep mum and dad by baby’s side safely.



Other much-loved features include the lightweight removable bassinet and handy reflux incline to provide a gentle elevation to help soothe and comfort baby.

Safety tested to the latest Bedside Crib Standard, SnuzPod4 is a sturdy, dependable alternative to other cribs on the market. Allowing you to soothe your little one night and day, safe and sound. Now fitting more beds than any other bedside crib, SnuzPod4 is crafted with care to ensure only the best experience for parent and baby.



To win a SnuzPod4 worth £199.95:

Fill out my online form.


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We’re so delighted to share our summer issue with you


Click below to read cover to cover!!



Our summer issue is here celebrating all we can now do in the city. Our What’s On guide returns, packed with visits to make, things to see and do and museums and galleries to enjoy. Talking of trips, we have some top tips from @mrandmrssmith’s co-founder, James Lohan, on getting away, at home or abroad.. ⁠

We’ve all spent more time outside (sometimes through gritted teeth and thermals) and we’re likely to continue this good habit – check out HOME, and the things to make it fun.⁠
If you like flamingos, you’ll love our STYLE this issue and as the temperature finally climbs, Jo Pratt shares her Tropical Ice Pop recipes. Our food theme continues with Ciara Attwell, creator of @myfussyeater and @pickplates. Bev Turner explores change and boiling frogs – you’ll have to go to page 11 to find out why.⁠

Plus, Sophie Clowes shares her experiences of wild swimming, fishing minnows out of costumes, and going with the ebb and flow. ⁠

Of course we have education news and some great advice from The Good Schools Guide; top tips for heading to the beach, picnic essentials and fashion from Nadadelazos who also grace our cover. ⁠
Wishing you a wonderfully free-spirited summer!⁠





Sun hats for kids are a non-negotiable Summer essential!


Whether you love flouncy Liberty prints, cute ears or soft towelling we have the best sun hats to keep little heads protected and dressed up in style…


A hat that stands out from the crowd with handy tie on ribbons  – you can try!

Bobo Choses Hat Natural, £47, Smallable


A super soft, towelling hat that will keep the sun off and mop up that sweaty brow. Comes in green too!

Terry Bucket Hat, £10.99, Zara


Who doesn’t love strawberries in the Summer?

Mini Rodini Strawberry denim sun hat, £36.00, Scout & Co Kids


The soft cotton hat with gentle dove pattern will keep snoozing babies cool and protected.

Sun hat, £7.99, H&M


A super cool hat for anyone who loves a more contemporary vibe.

The Animals Observatory Hat, £41, Smallable


Definitely a hat for having fun in the sun!

Nadadelazos Sun Yellow Minidots Sun Hat, £17.00, alexandalexa


The cutest Liberty print sun hat with gorgeous scalloped edging.

Agatha Hat, Betsy Honey, £36, Olivier Baby


Aww! We love the sunshine motif on this super cute baby sun hat.

Organic Cotton Paradise Baby Sun Hat, £19, The Bonnie Mob


A classic straw hat with a sunny yellow trim  – perfect for tweens and teens.

Teen Beige Straw Hat, £26, Childrensalon


Great for keeping the sun off little necks and it’s reversible too!

Sonny Reversible hat with neck cover, £12.95, Joules


Stylish cute and super protective and it has ears!

Sparkle Sun Hat by Dinosea, £16.00


Classic ticking stripes that will go with anything and we love the clever elasticated panel to help keep that hat on.

Liewood Sander Bucket Hat, £23, The Modern Nursery


Want sunscreen to go with that? Click here for our guide, including reef safe brands>>>




There’s nothing like a new swimming costume to lift your spirits and signal summer!


Here are our favourite sunshine infused swimsuits, sunsuits and bikinis for the City Kids swimwear edit.


Dinosea Yellow Cub Lion Swimsuit, £40.00, alexandalexa (above)

The cutest all in one made from recycled polyester with inbuilt UV protection.


Liewood Anti-UV Max Swimming Jumpsuit, £50, Smallable

An all-in-one for great UV protection and the cutest design.


Pacific Rainbow Victor swim shorts, £57, Smallable

A classic pair of trunks for fun in the sun!


Liewood Duke Swimming Briefs, £31.95, Scandiborn

On trend stripes will definitely cut the mustard this Summer!


Sundek Swimming Shorts, £68, Smallable

Rainbow stripes on zingy yellow will definitely bring the Summer vibes.



Scotch & Soda Colour-blocked recycled polyester board shorts, £59.95

Super stylish, colour-block shorts that will stand out on the board walk!


Stella McCartney Recycled Polymade Palm Trees Swimsuit, £66

We’re getting all the tropical feels from this gorgeous ruffle-trimmed suit.


H&M Yellow Apples Swimsuit, £8.99

Designer looks for a high street price. Gorgeous!



H&M Pastel swim shorts, £8.99

Gorgeous Club Tropicana, milkshakes are free vibes.


H&M Heart print swimsuit, £14.99

Ditsy hearts that will look gorgeous at the beach side café!


Next Skirted Swimsuit, £12-£14

Scallops, frills and stripes? We want this in adult size!


Next Floral Swimsuit (3mths-7yrs), £12 – £14

Get this season’s on trend flower power look with this gorgeous one piece.


Boden Swim Shorts, £17 – £19

Fun, bright shorts that will be passed down through siblings with no complaints.


Little Bird Unisex Sunsafe Swimsuit £16-£18

These rainbow fishies will keep kids protected in style.


Kuling Lemonade/Optical White Cannes Frill Bikini, £19, alexandalexa

For anyone who can’t resist sunshine yellow trimmed with frills.


Rylee + Cru Amber Flower Power Bikini, £47, alexandalexa


A cute, understated bikini for the very coolest beach bunnies.


IKKS Orange Palm Tree Swim Shorts, £38.00, Melijoe

Made for tropical waters but would look just as good in the local pool!


Myleene Klass Kids Sunsafe Swimsuit and Hat Set, £22-£24, Next


A 50+ UV protective swimsuit with the added benefit of tigers and a matching sun hat!


Need sandals to match? Head to our sandals round up here>>>


There is plenty for children TO DO & SEE this summer at London Wetland Centre.



Kicking off with the GIANT LEGO® Brick Animal Trail, LEGO brick fans will enjoy exploring the grounds to find all of the 14 characters. This is the UK’s only collection of wetland animals made from the world’s most popular toy. In total, 253,728 LEGO bricks were used to make them. A brand new creature has joined the flamingo, otter, mallard and other favourites. What is it? You’ll have to go along to find out!



For the super curious, from 24 July, summer at London Wetland Centre is an opportunity to become a Wetland Explorer! There are loads of exciting wetland activities waiting for you, from pond dipping to an intrepid scavenger hunt. There is plenty of outdoor exploration and wildlife just waiting to be discovered. You never know what’s around the next corner of the reed bed, and there’s always the chance of a close encounter with warblers, dragonflies, damselflies, kingfishers, water voles and lots more.



Feeling adventurous? Test your balance and bravery at the centre Wild Walk. Take a journey beyond the usual paths and into the wildest parts of this incredible nature reserve. Meander through different wetland habitats, ramble along reed beds and hop across stepping logs. Make a splash and try your balance on wobbly bridges – It is a great fun for big kids too!



The Wetlands of the World is a relaxing and fun way of getting deep into the heart of WWT conservation work. Discover some of the animals WWT works to protect, such as the world’s rarest goose – the Nene. And don’t forget to take a photo with the lovely Otters.

For more information on all events, prices or how to book:

To find out more about this incredible nature reserve and the conservation work of WWT:

Call 020 8409 4400 or email


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It’s finally here! Sandal time! We’ve rounded up our favourite fun, sporty and sensible summer sandals for kids for every occasion. We can’t wait to see those toes wriggling!


Petal power! How adorable are these pretty sandals with extra padded soles?


Leather Padded Sandals – White Flower, from, £32.00, Boden


Pretty and comfortable. Perfect for trips to the beach!


Floral Beach Sandals, £9 -£11, Next


We love these bold colours and that comfy, flexible sole.


Lightweight Trekker Sandals £16 -£18, Next


Over the rainbow cuteness all wrapped up in a cool trekker sandal.


Little Bird Trekker Sandals, £18, Next


These are the ones we wish they’d made in adult size!


Silver Metallic Rainbow Sandals, £40-£45, Boden


Versatile, comfortable sandals that can cross over to smart casual.


Two-tone Milano Sandals Blue, from £40, Birkenstock


Beautiful, high quality leather sandals that will everyone will notice!


Young Soles Pearl Sandals Pink, £72, Smallable


The classic waterproof leather sandal that looks great with any outfit.


Salt-Water Children’s Surfer Leather Sandals, Tan, £35.00 – £38.50, John Lewis

Stand out from the crowd with zingy neon.


Pom d’Api Strap Plagette Sandals Fluorescent pink, £86, Smallable


Shoes to have rainbow leaping fun in – with handy Velcro straps.


Kids’ Riptape Rainbow Sandals, £15.00, Marks & Spencer


Super comfortable, easy to fasten and unfasten and we love that orange/blue combo.


Roam Surf Toddler Mid Blue Leather, £36.00, Clarks


Super robust, super cute and great for protecting little toes…


Toddlers’ Newport H2 Sandals, £34.99, Keen


Perfect for hiking and splashing through water. Great grip and flexibility too.


Younger Kids’ Seacamp II Cnx Sandals, £49.99, Keen


Gorgeous shooting stars perfect for parties and anyone who likes a touch of sparkle.


Finch Summer Toddler White Leather. Current price £34.00, Clarks


As seen on Instagram:

1. Liewood Bre Sandals / Jelly Shoes in Apple Red


Buy now


2. Birkenstock Milano Kids EVA Sandals


Buy now

3. Mini Melissa Yellow Fruit Sandals

Buy now


4. Billieblush Multicolor Glitter Sandals

Buy now


Need some sun protection. Click here for reef friendly and kind to kids sunscreen>>>


Exceptional Spectacles

We’ve worked out a way of saying that we love summer without saying we love summer. We present to you, the statement sunglasses edit. From effortlessly cool, super sporty and mega fashionista vibes, you’re bound to find a pair (or three) that’ll suit your kids this summer.

1.RJ9062S transparent in grey and yellow, Ray-Ban

Buy now

2.Stella McCartney Kids, Black Snake Sunglasses from Children Salon 

Buy Now 

3.Mona Lisa White Printed Gemstones Sunglasses, Alex and Alexa

Buy now


4.Babiators Keyhole Sunglasses, Kidly

Buy now

5.Sunnylife, Mini Summer Sunnies, Kidly

Buy now

6.Monnalisa Red Strawberry Sunglasses, Children Salon

Buy now

7.BONPOINT x IZIPIZI in Bouton d’Or Yellow, Izipizi

Buy now

8.Stella McCartney Kids, Round rainbow sunglasses with mirror lenses, Alex and Alexa

Buy now

9.Ki ET LA Ours’on Sunglasse, Kidly 

Buy now

10.FLAK® XS (YOUTH FIT), Oakley

Buy now

11.Babiators Original Flowers Sunglasses – Daisy

Buy now

12.Beau Loves, White Mother of Pearl Cat-Eye Sunglasses, Alex and Alexa

Buy now

Do look out for more summer fashion. Prefer it in print? You can also read the our latest issue here, it’s filled to the brim with style ideas for the trendiest kids in town. 



Orley Farm School

City Kids hears from Head of Orley Farm School, Tim Calvey, about the Orley Farm family and the likely journey of an Orley Farm pupil.




Tim Calvey took over the Headship of Orley Farm School in 2013 having previously been, amongst other teaching positions, Head of Boarding in two previous schools.  He believes that at the heart of the Orley Farm experience is the passion in teachers to light fires in the minds of young people that burn for a lifetime!

“Whilst we are academically selective, we are also looking for that edge, a spark, the unique in every pupil to foster and celebrate, because the last time we looked, academic credentials guarantee very little.  It is a brave new world out there and emotional intelligence is gold dust!”



Orley Farm School was founded in 1850 and is set in 39 glorious acres of playing fields, woodland and meadow situated at the bottom of Harrow on the Hill. We have exceptional classroom facilities including a recently refurbished Library, Science laboratories and a Drama Studio. We are home to 500 girls and boys aged 4 to 13 who are receiving an extraordinary educational experience that develops the whole child preparing them for future success.

Fulfilment and happiness start with a deep love of learning and over their time with us, through our unique ‘Thinking Skills Programme’, children will develop their resilience, curiosity, empathy, risk-taking, good judgement, creativity, initiative, focus, flexibility of mind and ambition.

We are privileged to be working with young learners at a point where we can ‘hardwire’ key traits and values that we believe are essential to happiness and success in an ever-changing world.  Our 10 Thinking Skills are the bedrock of ‘The Orley Farm Way’ and we have no doubt that we are giving voice to the ambitious, the creative, the curious, the focused, the resilient and the risk takers as they will possess empathy, flexibility of mind, initiative and good judgement in all that they do!




We pride ourselves on preparing our young learners for life and therefore, we go well beyond assessment preparation and this is reflected in an Alumni who know the power and value of an outstanding start in life but more importantly, how to find fulfilment, purpose, joy and wonder in making a difference to others. We are blessed and privileged to work with pupils, colleagues and parents who know the power of these years and who recognise this wonderful African proverb:

‘It takes a village to bring up a child’

The Orley Farm Family is a special place and we would encourage anyone and everyone who might be searching for something a little more than the superficial to come and visit but be warned, there is no room for passengers, we are all committed to doing something with this privileged start…!

We are very proud that we are able to find the right senior school for each individual and over the past six years, pupils have been offered over 248 Scholarships and taken up places at 59 different schools.  Just before lockdown last year we were awarded outstanding in all areas by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.  During the school closures Orley Farm has managed to continue to teach remotely and keep students together in virtual classrooms.

We have a remote live Open Morning on Friday 21st May 2021 at 9.30am – 10.30am. To register, please go to  We are also offering Zoom calls with the Headmaster on some Wednesday mornings. Please contact our Registrar on for further details.

Fore more information on schools head to our education page>>>


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The ‘Educational equivalent to Michelin’ launches latest edition of The Good Schools Guides for London



The Good Schools Guide, long favoured by parents to help them see the wood for the trees when choosing schools, launches its latest publications today. The Good Schools Guide: London North and London South cover the best state and independent schools north and south of the river. The Good Schools Guides: London offer in-depth and straight-talking reviews to give parents an invaluable insight into the competitive world of London schooling. The new editions include the latest exam results and articles on many aspects of the London education scene. The aim is to help parents choose the best school for their child.

At this point it’s worth noting that The Good Schools Guide is the only impartial guide to London schools. Each school included in a guide has been visited by a writer who has interviewed the head, spoken to pupils and parents and analysed results and marketing hype. Schools can’t buy their way in, there are no mates rates, advertisers don’t get a free pass. A school is only included in the pages if the writers think it worthy. It’s why schools are desperate to be included, and why The Good Schools Guide has been established and respected by parents for over 30 years. Apart from asking around, posting in Facebook groups, where else can parents get unbiased information about a school, its values, ethos and contribution to a community?

London North is a hefty tome of 220 schools, with London South feeling slimmer but still offering hundreds of reviews. Expect to see comment on junior and senior, independent and state settings as well as information and advice on fees, entry requirements, school atmosphere, academics, SEN and more.

In addition to the London guides, The Good Schools Guide also offers a consultation service, and The Good Schools Guide 22nd edition is available with a free month’s subscription to the website. The guide includes 1200 in-depth reviews of leading state and private schools for children aged 3 to 18 in the UK.

Find out more about The Good Schools Guide here


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Let’s take it outside

Our outdoor edit is for all little kids on big adventures. We’ve picked out eight exciting outdoor play toys and things from Scandiborn that’ll take the fun outside (whatever the weather). 


1. Liewood Dante Beach set – Sea Creature Sea Blue Multi Mix, £35.95


2. Bigjigs Crazy Golf Set, £39.95



3. Nobodinoz Nevada Play Tent in Sienna Brown, £159.95



4. Banwood Bikes Pedal – White, £294.95

5. Birdie Kids Scooter Rose (Non Electric), £99.95


6. Plum Play Discovery Create & Paint Easel, £219.99


7. Liewood Baloo Swim Ring in Rose Mix, £18.95

8. Sunny Life Underwater Camera – Jungle, £17.95


Please note that this edit consists of eight super products and brands that we’ve selected from Scandiborn. Contains affiliates links. Prices correct as of the date of purchase and may be subject to change.


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Mental health resources for children, teens and parents in a pandemic



The tragic death of Richard Okorogheye has sent shockwaves here at HQ. We cannot begin to imagine the immense pain and suffering that Richard’s mother, family and friends must be experiencing. The pandemic has brought about its challenges and had a knock on effect on all aspects of our lives. Whilst no one knows the details surrounding Richard’s death, one thing is for sure, the uncertainty, lack of face-to-face socialisation and stimulation during this pandemic has left many kids feeling lost, sad, low…We’ve pulled together some mental health resources for children, teens and parents to access. While our freedoms may be returning, this pandemic isn’t going anywhere and we’ll be reliant on support for many months ahead.

Here we have a list of resources for anyone that’s concerned about their child’s wellbeing. We hope that this small variety of resources, available in a number of formats, can give you the starting point you and your child may need:  


Please remember… there is no need to suffer in silence. If you notice any signs that a child may be struggling as a result of the pandemic, or in general, please do take the courage to get help in a way that is best suited to their needs and requirements. As always, we are here and available to talk, also, if you’ve come across any resources that you’d like to share with fellow parents, do get in touch via our Instagram: @citykidsmagazine


You may also be moved to contribute to the gofundme page for Richard. You can do that by clicking here.

Image: Jerome on Unsplash

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In our regular magazine interview, we ask “Who is…Gemma Whates?”


Gemma Whates is founder of ALL BY MAMA, an online marketplace selling gifts made by mums (and dads!)

Three words to describe yourself.

Adventurous, caring and determined

What is happening in the world of Gemma Whates right now?

I’m counting down days until I no longer have to home school and wondering if I should have appreciated it more. I’m gradually decorating our new house and trying to understand Minecraft. I’m feeling hopeful for some hugs from my family and friends soon and some adventures later in the year. I’m feeling grateful for my health and the health of my family and I’m trying to find a way to run my businesses with the kids at home 24/7. I’m laser focused on what I want to achieve for ALL by MAMA in 2021.

How did you start All By Mama?

I went in to starting ALL by MAMA quite naively in 2014. I’ve learnt a lot. It wasn’t my first business idea, that was something I thought about doing during some volunteering that I took part in, in the townships of Cape Town, in 2010. I also previously ran an online review website. I started ALL by MAMA by working evenings and weekends alongside a marketing job. It took me about nine months from registering the company to launching. ALL by MAMA launched as a marketplace selling gifts made by mums and it’s grown from that original idea. One of the first things we did was to take a stall at The Handmade Fair and spend three days speaking to people about the idea and gathering email addresses for our launch. It was a lot of baby steps that led to the start of a business. I did write a business plan, it wasn’t detailed but it kept me on track with the launch.

Explain how ABM works.

It works as a supportive community for mothers in business. We help mothers in business grow in confidence and visibility, upskill and make connections. Members are generally in the first few years of business. It’s a membership community and a marketplace. It’s something I wish I had found in 2014. Mothers are underrepresented economically, and they need a place to connect, grow and share their experiences of running a business as a mother. Membership is £20 a month and members receive a route to market via our marketplace, expert trainings, networking, social media clinics, features and connections to others doing the same.

What are your top tips for running a business?

1) Spend time on the things that make money – sounds obvious but sometimes you can get so caught in the admin that you forget to tell everyone what they can buy from you and how to buy it

2) Have a vision – what are you trying to achieve, what does success look like to you

3) Make connections via networks – genuinely it will make all the difference to the opportunities that come your way

4) Be prepared for the highs and the lows – you’ll feel amazing during the high times and want to quit during the lows

5) Really understand your ideal customer – get fully immersed in exactly who that person is and the problem you are solving for them

Can women have it all?

I think that really depends on your definition of ‘having it all’ but assuming it refers to having a great career around family life then my belief is that in work and family life, sacrifices have to be made on both sides for the other one to flourish. We are making progress towards supporting working women (especially those that are mothers and are impacted by ‘the motherhood penalty’) but we are far from there yet, and the pandemic has set us back. If statistics show that 54,000 women a year lose their jobs to pregnancy or maternity leave in the UK, we can’t claim to be able to have it all yet. The term can also have a really negative impact on women who are struggling to ‘do it all’ when they see others claim that it’s easy to ‘have it all’. Let’s all talk realistically and authentically about what it’s like to seemingly ‘have it all’. Of course, not everyone wants it all!




Tell us one thing that people don’t know about you.

Well, I could choose something a bit more shocking here(!) but I’ll go with… being able to palm read. I did a course before I had kids, I’ve forgotten most of it to be honest but I’m going to pick it back up when I have some head space!

Where’s your favourite date night?

I can’t remember! Something that involves going somewhere new.

What’s your signature dish?

I have not prioritised cooking over the last few years! It would probably be a roast dinner!

What would you take to a desert island?

Someone who could help me survive

Where’s your favourite child-friendly place in London?

The Science Museum – I love it and the kids do too

Last book you read?

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

What’s your proudest moment?

The birth of my kids

What’s next for Gemma Whates?

Hopefully, a better work life balance! My focus is on having some fun with my family in the summer, growing the ALL by MAMA membership, raising another round of investment, mentoring incredible women that are starting businesses, making the most of my Blinksit subscription, getting better at exercise again and a holiday to the Algarve as soon as it’s safe! I’ve also joined Ada Ventures as a scout recently so I’m looking forward to getting more involved in that world.


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