City Kids Magazine can help you to find the best activities and children classes in West London and across the Capital.

Whether your son or daughter likes the arts and music, running around outside, or the idea of being a scientist, we have a comprehensive directory of classes for children aged from just a few months old to 14 years.  For our babies and pre-schoolers, our classes guide shows which activities are on which day. This way you can fit things into nap time schedules and you can plan your day or week ahead based on when you have a day off from work. You’ll also discover that we have sub-divided classes into categories according to what activity you think your child might like. Remember that lots of activity providers offer a free trial class before you commit to a full set of term time fees.

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Why bother with classes?

There’s much talk about whether children these days are doing too much. As with all things, finding a balance is key. And we mean this for everyone. Many is the strung-out parent, ferrying kids from place to place, making sure that every last minute of the day is packed with classes and activities. We’d say this is no good for kids or parents! However, when your baby is young, a class can be a lifeline, a time for being sociable and getting out of the house. And if you choose the right class, it can help your child develop and build confidence along the way.




Classes for children in West London: what are the different types?

You’ll see from the button below that we have reproduced the classes directory that is in City Kids Magazine. There is Dance and Performance for kids who like ballet or tap, or if you have a young Dua Lipa or Shawn Mendes on your hands, there are singing and dancing lessons galore in West London, from Holland Park to Ealing, Richmond to Brook Green. And many of the classes cater to preschool children, all the way up to preteens! As they get older they may want to specialise in musical theatre or they may see themselves as more of an Emma Watson and be looking for drama classes.

Chiswick | Hammersmith | Acton
Shepherds Bush | Ealing



It’s not all about the performing arts!

For some kids, there’s nothing worse than standing on stage to perform. Luckily for parents in west London, there are plenty of other things to do including sport. Sports providers offer netball, rugby, football skills, skateboarding, tennis, parkour, gymnastics, music and movement and much, much more. And if you’re still at a loss, you could look at craft, science and technology, language, sensory play and even sailing.

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