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Anansi The Spider

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Discover some classic Caribbean and West African stories with The Unicorn Theatre’s production of Anansi The Spider. Bringing traditional folktales to life on the stage, explore a whole new world of stories surrounding the trickster spider.

When: 20 January to 25 February

Where: The Unicorn Theatre

Age: 3-7 years

Ticket price: From £9

Duration: 50 minutes

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People say that in a time long, long ago, animals walked on two feet and spoke with words, like we do. And back then it was known by everyone that the cleverest of all the animals in the kingdom was a spider – the infamous Anansi – the original trickster and the master spinner of yarns.

But sometimes Anansi could be a little too clever for his own good…

These classic West African and Caribbean tales about the spider hoaxster are brought vividly to life as our hit production returns.

Creating innovative productions that encourage children to question and explore the world.
Collaborating with children in schools and also communities.
Making theatre work as available as possible.
Reducing the Unicorn Theatre’s impact on the planet.
And believing in equality, diversity as well as inclusion.

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January 20 (Friday) - February 25 (Saturday)

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