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Family Dressing Demonstration

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Take a trip back through clothes history and discover just how Elizabethans dressed with a Family Dressing Demonstration. Presented by the Globe Theatre, see just how many layers and how much work went into getting dressed, then have a go yourself.

When: 25 July to 26 August

Where: Shakespeare’s Globe

Duration: 30 minutes

Ticket price: £5

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More information from organisers:

Why were Elizabethans always on the edge of their seats? What did we do in a world before Velcro? How many Elizabethans does it take to get ready for a ball?

Bring your whole family to see our Family Dressing Demonstration, where you can see how Elizabethan women got dressed – whether it was for a party, work, or just to sit around. Try on the clothes of a gentleman courtier, or a ne’er do well about town, learn to bow, ‘make a leg’ and doff your hat like a real Elizabethan!

Child and adult tickets are the same price.
All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

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July 25 (Monday) - August 26 (Friday)

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